Education grants help recruitment and retention

A career in healthcare is in high demand, and Lee Hell is always looking for ways to recruit – and retain – exceptional team members. One way to focus on hiring and maintenance is through continuing education, career advancement and development.

We encourage lifelong learning and support it through reimbursement of tuition fees for those eligible for full-time work. We also have an annual education awards program available to current employees, volunteers and their families, as well as to Lee County residents interested in careers in health care.

Each year, the application period for the Education Awards program runs from March 1 to April 30. Educational grants are made possible through the support and generosity of the Lee Health Foundation and Cape Coral Hospital, the Gulf Coast Medical Center and the Lee Memorial support organizations, as well as community philanthropists and health advocates.

We are grateful for your contribution from:

  • Eliza M. Carlson Educational Grants Foundation
  • Grant Nathan Family Education
  • Jim Nathan Foundation
  • Robert and Francis Feucher Foundation
  • Edward and Gail McBride Educational Fellowship
  • Madeleine R. Tenny Foundation for Nursing Education
  • Ellen MacDonald Scholarship for Pediatric Nurses (for those planning to work in pediatrics at Galison Children’s Hospital, Southwest Florida)

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