Doctor Strange 2 Theory Explains the TVA’s Dated Technology

Due to the fact that the Illuminati seem to appear in Doctor Strange 2, one theory suggests that they may be related to TVA technology.

Loki presented one of the most unique concepts not yet encountered in Marvel cinema: the Time Variance Authority. And it seems that the introduction of shadow organizations will continue as a trailer for Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seemingly features of the Illuminati. If each of them interferes in the affairs of the multiverse, a new fan theory suggests that Kahn was once part of the Illuminati, but was expelled and created TVA.

Although TVA is a powerful organization responsible for adjusting the “sacred scale” across space and time, its style and technology feel like it got stuck around the 1960s and 70s. For example, when Loki is sent to explore a hidden version of himself, all TVA information is stored in folders, and computers use old bulky monitors and keyboards. While all of this may be related to TVA’s stylistic choice, Wonderbread1999’s recent Reddit theory suggests that style is deliberately used to hide from the Illuminati.

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Fans believed that Kahn the Conqueror (also known as the One Who Remains) was once part of the Illuminati, as he is easily among the most powerful creatures in the multiverse. But for some reason Kang was kicked out and in response formed his TVA, probably because of his need for control and fear of his multifunctional options.

Jonathan Majors as Kanga / The One Who Remains in the Loki Season 1 Final.

Consistent with this idea, the theory suggests that retro technology helps keep Kang hidden from the Illuminati. As seen in Dr. Strange 2 trailer, the organization’s building is very futuristic, with clean white walls and sleek patterns. So if Kahn wanted to separate himself from the band, TVA’s design would be right. The look of its surface makes it much less advanced than it actually is, and there are no traces of Kang in their designs before Sylvie kills it and another version of Kang comes to power.

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This is supported by the creation of the Timekeepers, as Kahn created this fictional team to impersonate TVA leaders. This helped clear all of TVA’s connections to itself, so if the Illuminati and their Altron-bots check it out, nothing would seem wrong. It is even possible that precautions were taken to stop the bot attack as the first episode Loki shows that TVA has machines that determine who is a machine or an android.

Although Kang is powerful enough to control the entire MCU timeline, that doesn’t mean it’s protected from the wrath of the Illuminati. They could very well rule the whole multiverse Dr. Strange 2, so even a man like Kahn should stay away from their attention. And while there’s not much evidence for or against the theory, it certainly explains some of the peculiar design options of TVA.

To see if the Illuminati is connected to the origins of TVA, Dr. Strange will appear at the cinema on May 6 in the Multiverse of Madness.

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