Delivering Mobile Innovations that Preserve Our Shared Planet

Dr. T. M. Roe, President and Head of Samsung MX Business

When I started my career at Samsung 25 years ago, I was a young engineer, fascinated by technology and everything they could. Over the years, the power of mobile innovation has exceeded even my ambitious expectations. It has brought us the comforts and opportunities that make our lives better, but it has also given us the opportunity to be better. The ability to connect without intimacy gives us the ability to break down barriers and work together to make progress. And because humanity is facing some of the most challenging challenges, we need to collaborate and innovate more than ever before. That’s why I believe that mobile technology plays an important role in helping us protect our planet.

Samsung has always challenged what is possible with technology. And now we are taking the next step towards putting sustainability at the heart of our innovation. From environmentally conscious materials to global partnerships, we are exploring every opportunity to help the world through mobile technologies that serve as a tool for positive change.

Innovation with effect

We have been traveling to Samsung for many years, combining sustainability and innovation using recycled materials in our smartphones, wearables and accessories. In addition to our ongoing efforts to use more environmentally conscious materials, including recycled PCM (post-consumer materials), the new Galaxy smartphones and tablets that were introduced at our latest Unpacked used individual components containing 20% ​​recycled plastic from the ocean. discarded fishing nets.

We have focused our innovative efforts on the widespread and particularly dangerous type of plastic waste that harms the marine population and our natural ecosystems – discarded fishing nets. Every year 640,000 tons of fishing nets are thrown in and around our oceans. With the help of like-minded partners, we have found a way to redesign them into new, high-performance material that can be incorporated into important components of the Galaxy S22 series. From now on, more and more Galaxy devices will play a small role in reducing plastic waste in our oceans.

I know we are still far away. And at Mobile World Congress 2022, we’ll share our next wave of innovations that include recycled ocean plastic.

The use of technology as a force for good

At Samsung, we believe in creating mobile technologies that have a positive impact on the environment, and transfer the power of our Galaxy ecosystem into the hands of enthusiastic creators of change.

I have seen this with my own eyes with our growing Generation17 initiative, which Samsung is managing in partnership with the United Nations Development Program. Generation17 enables young activists to tackle pressing issues such as climate change, education and more so that the world can move towards the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, by 2030. And with the recent accession of six new Young Leaders, the program now covers Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East and supports work on all 17 global goals.

This is how mobile innovation stimulates transformation. It amplifies simple actions and individual voices and brings them together to achieve great global change.

We need collective action

I’m excited about how people are helping to change the world with the Galaxy, and I promise our work on that won’t end. Samsung will continue to develop innovative technologies that overcome barriers, connect communities and address the climate crisis.

Samsung is ready to do more. We will take real action, take responsibility and share our path – from our successes to our problems and lessons learned. We will work with our industry colleagues, with developers, with the Galaxy community, with everyone to strengthen technology as a force for good.

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