D’Addario Foundation launches fund for music education in Black communities | News

The D’Addario Foundation has announced the launch of the Bridge Fund, a new initiative aimed specifically at bridging the gap between access to music education and the black community. The foundation aims to help a community that has historically been ignored and often denied access to these life-changing programs.

Recognizing the landscape of music education funding over the past 25 years, the foundation notes that budget cuts have a disproportionate impact on school districts serving color students, immigrant students, and low-income communities.

“Covid’s detrimental effects have only exacerbated the need to close a huge gap in educational resources and opportunities,” said Suzanne D’Adario Bruder, executive director of the D’Adario Foundation.

“We value the values ​​and needs of communities by launching the Bridge Fund, which deliberately identifies and supports innovative, exciting and affordable music programs in black communities. In particular, we are looking for post-school programs that are available several days a week – elements that very clearly contribute to higher levels of interaction and academic achievement as an effective solution to “bridge” this gap and give each student the opportunity to reach their full potential. ».

One of the most recent grants recently supported by the Bridge Fund is the West Point School of Music’s Urban Music Makers program. It is black and black performing bands and a steel drums program that engages urban youth through free tuition and music performance in and after school. Their goal is to create groups in several schools that students will be proud to call their own.

The D’Addario Foundation has struggled to overcome the depletion of music education in America’s schools by supporting innovative public music programs that not only restore access to music education, break down all barriers to entry, but also promote youth, mentoring, and leadership.

In October 2021, the foundation allocated $ 487,500 for music education programs in the United States and Canada. Funds went to both cash and food grants to enable organizations to continue their education and community programs after the pandemic hardship.

The Foundation encourages donations to the Bridge Fund, which can be made here.

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