CSCW) Announces that a New Asian Trendy Clothing Brand Settled in the “Color World”, Promoting the Beauty of the East

NEW YORK, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CSCW) (hereinafter referred to as “Color Star” or “Company”), an entertainment technology company with a global network focused on technology and artificial intelligence (“AI”) in the entertainment industry announced today that a new Asian clothing brand Unbounded Human officially entered Color World, a metaworld platform that became the first Asian high-end clothing brand to hit the platform. This suggests that more corporate brands have also begun to settle on the Metaverse Color World platform with their own 3D virtual headquarters or branded stores.

Unbounded Human strives to create fashionable things that promote the coexistence of comfort and luxury. He respects professionalism and design, and so each item can become a universal or even a classic cultural product in everyone’s wardrobe. It also follows trends and integrates into the trend to discover a new fashion that belongs to the beauty of the East. Thanks to its unique design concept and exquisite tailoring, it has become a fashionable wardrobe of many Asian celebrities. Due to the synchronization and integration of world culture and fashion, the brand has a tendency to grow. She has partnered with Color Star, entered the Color World metaworld platform and implemented a global marketing layout that not only enhances its corporate brand, but also makes the new Eastern trend pursued by Unbounded Human become a major force in international fashion. Following the collaboration between the two parties, Color Star will take full advantage of its international team and use 3D technology to create a virtual branded store for Unbounded Human. And with in-depth cooperation, online sales and virtual exclusive clothing stores will open in the future. Participants from all over the world will buy new Asian fashion clothes online and will also be able to experience more virtual clothing by trying it out online, which will also enrich Color World with a more cultural and fashionable experience.

Lucas Capetian, CEO of Color Star, said: “Our Color World platform has many business tracks that will allow us to attract many companies for placement. And with the ever-increasing number of members, merchants on the platform will step by step start online sales and virtual sales products ”.

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Color Star Technology Co., ltd. (Nasdaq: CSCW) is an entertainment and education company that provides online entertainment and music education services online. Its business operations are conducted through subsidiaries of Color China Entertainment Ltd. and CACM Group NY, Inc. The company’s online education is carried out through its music and entertainment platform Color World. More information about the company can be found at

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