City To Lengthen Road In Innovation Park, Start Work On Uptown Alley Upgrades

The Marysville City Council Finance Committee met Tuesday and discussed a number of items that will soon be passed to all city councils.

The committee first considered a request for $ 675,000 to build about a 1/10 mile extension of the road in the Innovation Park, which will provide heavy equipment and thus more space to work and prepare for further expansion that will be needed as the Innovation Park continues to operate. expand. The committee votes 3-0 to send a request to the Council.

The committee will also recommend that the entire council abolish so-called fire fees, which are largely remnants of many years ago, when cities such as Marysville often forced commercial real estate to pay such monthly fees because building codes were much less stringent than they were. . is today. Buildings built over the past two decades by large companies and shops are often required by the code to have their own equipment (fire exits, fire extinguishers, fire-fighting equipment) and pay a large fee in advance when utilities are first connected to water. in a place sufficient for the operation of the hoses and the needs of the MFP, which makes the fees for “fire protection” obsolete. This only affects a small number of customers who pay the fee, and the vote was 3-0 to send it to the Council with a recommendation to repeal the section of the city code that requires a fee against fire protection.

Also discussed was a plan to offer an Upper Town garbage area for monthly garbage and garbage service in the Upper Town area. The council has been talking for some time about upgrading alleys in the Upper Town area, and on Tuesday a committee was presented with a plan to restore the north side of the parking lot, which is located between 100 neighborhoods of South Plum and South Main Street. . The plan provides for the possibility of building behind buildings in the 100th quarter of E. 5th St. outdoor seating, shrubs, confidential walls and the like, and a place for an 8-yard landfill that can be used for a small monthly fee to be paid to the city, and the money is then sent directly to the Republic whose plan the city discussed.

Republic said that for the 8-yard landfill it will empty it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at a cost of $ 5 a month for household customers and $ 13 a month for commercial customers. The plans have not yet been finalized, but they were enthusiastically supported by city manager Terry Emery, who said the renovation and cleaning of Upper Town alleys was long overdue and would be a good place to start, noting that the city will seek to do so as soon as possible.

Marysville Police Chief Tony Brooks suggested the committee create a new corporal post that would allow the sergeant and corporal to be on duty each shift, and suggested hiring another officer to bring the total staff to 43. Brooks said the number of police officers in the city with the population of Marysville should be effective, according to directives from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The next item on the proposal will be the City Council.

The Finance Committee will meet again on Monday, March 21, at 6pm at City Hall, 209 S. Main St.

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