CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. Announces Value Enhancements for Their Breakthrough Technology Enabling Automated Grind Optimization

CYCLONEtrac’s second-generation particle size measurement and tracking system now includes a set of new features

WALLINGFORD, Kansas, February 23, 2022— (BUSINESS WIRE) – CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. has a long history of applying proven technology and science in a unique, robust architecture to improve production efficiency and improve recovery in the mining sector. Customer concerns and unmet needs have fueled CiDRA’s mission and passion for ingenuity and innovation to develop industry-leading product optimization solutions for mines around the world. In this context, CiDRA announces new enhanced features for its crushing management technology that fits this mission.

CYCLONEtrac PST, the world’s only commercial real-time measurement system that directly measures and reports particle sizes from each individual cyclone every four (4) seconds to enable an individual cyclone, is a microcontroller strategy. CYCLONEtrac also allows automated grinding contour control (macro control strategy). Another key feature of CYCLONEtrac technology is tracking particle sizes in the desired range, reducing particle size variability, and ensuring that oversize does not break downstream barriers for flotation contours.

New features added to the CYCLONEtrac particle size measurement and tracking system include:

The premier software update – now available in five output particle sizes – This variant of the improved value allows to carry out measurement of P80 on all cluster in real time which can be received from the consolidated individual measurements of the cyclone which are transferred to control system; one to five outputs are available (as a percentage of pass or save on a standard screen, such as 150 microns).

CYCLONEtrac SMARTsensor ™ – This new generation of sensors includes a state-based monitoring feature along with advanced signal processing technology that predicts maintenance to replace the sensor and thus increasing the use of valuable maintenance resources and cyclone life. The “lifetime” panel is displayed on the display of the CYCLONEtrac OPTIgrind ™ software system. When the wear of the SMARTsensor waveguide approaches the minimum wear specification, a sensor replacement warning is sent to the plant control system via the OPC protocol.

CYCLONEtrac particle size measurement in real time provides mining operators worldwide with valid real-time information that is transformed into knowledge. “The extremely fast payback of our customers’ investments in CYCLONEtrac technology in terms of optimizing the grinding scheme and maximizing the net production of the precious metal is a common theme expressed by customers.” says John Viega, vice president of global sales and service. Recently, customer reviews from a senior manager at a large copper mine stated: “The entire team of performers should challenge current work paradigms and explore the full range of working conditions with‘ new eyes ’as soon as [CYCLONEtrac] the system is set taking into account that new working conditions can be found in a previously “forbidden” area. There is a lot of new information that none of us have seen before about the work of cyclone clusters. “

CiDRA Minerals Processing develops advanced technologies and solutions that create new paradigms in the mineral processing industry with a focus on increasing enterprise value by optimizing, increasing mining and increasing the resilience of limited and valuable resources.

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