Brompton Bicycle Launches Reinvented Flagship Models, Signals Innovation Ahead

NEW YORK, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Brompton, the Londonthe manufacturer of the iconic folding bike is preparing for the promising 2022 with a fleet of new, recycled bikes. Featuring a fresh rebranding of its entire bike lineup combined with a host of exciting technology and innovation, Brompton has released its lightest models, including the T Line – a fully invented 16.4-pound titanium bike – the P Line, a new ultralight titanium steel model and modernizer version of his electric bike.

The rebranding of Brompton models replaces more than 40 years of naming products with bike specifications in favor of targeting bikes to the individual needs of users. This is a fundamental change that makes it easier for consumers to navigate the Brompton range to find their perfect bike.

“Brompton is looking to become a brand of city bikes in different cities North America until 2027, ”he said Juliet Scott CroxfordPresident Brompton North America. “To fuel this, we are moving into a new phase of innovation and product development to make our bikes easier and more convenient to travel around the city. At the same time, we focus on the ownership experience, drawing inspiration from our dedicated Brompton owners’ fan base. New York and around the world. “

Below are details on the Brompton T Line, P Line, C Line and A Line models.

Line T “It’s Brompton.” Re-invented. This all-titanium Brompton is the lightest, most premium Brompton. Ten pounds lighter than the all-steel model. Available from $ 4810.

P line – Redesigned Brompton Superlight, now lighter and stronger than the previous model. Has a new four-speed transmission starting with $ 2,750with upgraded models from $ 2965.

Line C – Classic all-steel folding Brompton bike, starting with $ 1,550. Also available as C Line Electric with removable battery ($ 3550).

Line – Entry level, all steel Brompton for the price $ 1,095.

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About Brompton Bike:

Made for cities, Brompton produces more than 70,000 bikes a year, and more than 500,000 have taken to the streets since the first bicycle was made by the inventor in 1975. Andrew Richie. The Brompton bike is ideal for those who live, work or play in cities: the bike is up to a third of its size, which means that Brompton is suitable for all modes of transport – ideal for train travel, storage in the trunk of your car and departure for the city to breathe fresh air, call a taxi if the weather changes or you need to return home late at night. Brompton products can be purchased and shipped directly to your home at or at more than 1,500 accredited retailers worldwide and at 15 Brompton Junction flagship stores.

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