Brelyon Wins 2022 SPIE Prism Award for Innovation in Displays

“We are very excited and grateful to receive the Prism Award,” said Dr. Alok Mehta, CEO of Brellion. “This is significant recognition from the industry. From day one, we set ourselves the priority of bringing our innovation out of the lab into a field where we carefully iterated with our customers and end users to meet their very nuances of visual experience needs. We are proud of community recognition. optics and photonics and look forward to making our next-generation display technology available worldwide. ”

Based on the groundbreaking work of the MIT Media Laboratory, The ultra-reality of BrellionTM uses precision wavefront technology to create a massive field of view with true optical depth, creating an exciting panoramic virtual screen that embraces the viewer without the need for a headset. Brellion launched Ultra RealityTM in January at CESwhere the company also announced a partnership with LG display, Manadzukuri and Farmant.

“Unlike conventional stereoscopic displays, Brelyon uses its monocular depth modulation capabilities to provide a visual sensation that eases eye fatigue and image artifacts for users,” the professor said. Ramesh Rascar MIT Media Lab. “Usually the light field was represented by a subsample of the field at an angle. Although this approach is easy to implement, it usually involves angular haze and reduced separation at the viewing angle, which ultimately creates lower image quality compared to flat screens “.

The Brelyon Ultra Reality ™ has a 122-inch wide dynamic range (HDR) screen in a compact 32-inch form factor that can operate at 144Hz. This allows you to use a variety of corporate and consumer usage options, offering the replacement of multiple monitors and an exciting portal to the metaverse. Dynamic screen range is now the reference standard that is in high demand in the display market. This setting refers to the difference between the blackest black and the brightest pixel shown on the display, and the smooth transitions between brightness levels.

“The separation density exceeds the resolution of the retina for most displays, the dynamic range of the image is the new limit for success,” he said. Agit Ninan, vice president of Dolby Laboratories. “Brelyon technology allows you to create brightness and brightness in a whole new way. It’s really innovative, because now, given the direction of light, we can start thinking of dynamic range as a vector field with much higher local brightness limits, not flat 2D- a matrix with a linear range of bolts ”.

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Headquarters in the village San Mateo, California, USA Brelyon is a pioneer of technology in hardware and software technology for diving without a headset. Founded by scientists from MIT and UCF and, with decades of industry experience, the company has announced its innovative mapping platform in June 2020 and is now piloting its products for gaming and industrial applications with strategic partners. Please visit for more information.

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