Assemblers, Inc. Announces Technology Advancements to Lead the Industry Through Increased Demand for Assembly Services at Retail Locations

“Our technicians and area managers are the foundation of our company. By giving them the best technology, we will continue to deliver on our brand’s promise of partnership, integrity and community for the incredible customers we serve,” Giacone said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a surge in demand for home improvement items as many consumers have decided to invest in their homes. In line with the 2021 improvement in housing construction in America Harvard United Center for Housing Research, the U.S. economy shrank by 3.5% in 2020, but spending on home improvement and renovation rose more than 3%, to almost $ 420 billionhow people have changed living spaces for work, school and leisure.

“We are grateful to be working with a team that is passionate about what they do and who knows the needs of their clients inside and out, having worked so many years in the industry themselves. It is a privilege and honor to see the Movista platform in the hands of assemblers, ”he said Eric WilsonDirector of Clients Movista.

Thanks to the Movista platform, Assemblers, Inc. will give its technicians and area managers mobile access to all the materials needed for efficient and quality assembly. The platform will be used for workforce planning, tracking and management, and will include a new user experience for area managers who will be able to shop and sell. Guidelines for modernizing technology include rapid assembly, improved retail support, and accurate reports to help you work more efficiently and continue to set a higher service plan for the retail customers they serve.

About Assemblers, Inc.

Founded in the village Chattanooga, Tenn in 1998, Assemblers, Inc. has grown into a nationally recognized company with retail partners throughout USA. We are proud of our exceptional delivery, assembly and repair services. Our top priority is to create a great experience for clients in both residential and commercial locations.

About Movista

Movista is a global provider of solutions for retail performance and workforce management. As the world’s first and only platform solution to enable collaboration between retailers, brands, service providers and distributors, Movista streamlines and profits all retail stakeholders. Find out more at

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