Fort Myers, Florida, February 23, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Chico’s FAS, Inc. (NYSE: CHS) (“Chico’s FAS” or “Company”) today announces that by maintaining its commitment to creating bras that combine quality, comfort and innovation, leading the brand of intimate brands Catfish® prepares to launch a new bra that changes the game: DecorateTM. Run on February 23, 2022, DecorateTM is an advanced Smart Bra ецца that adapts to the unique, often fluctuating body of a woman.

The average size of a woman’s breasts can change over the course of a month due to small weight changes, water retention, hormonal shifts and more, which means that even a good bra can start dripping and gaping almost overnight. DecorateTM solves this and other common problems of fitting a bra using patented technology, high-performance materials and a new design on the market to put a bra that stretches and changes depending on the shape and size of each woman.

Catfish® creates bras with solutions designed to address the challenges women face every day. To create BodifyTM The bra brand surveyed 1,500 loyal customers about the best problems they are experiencing and what was most important to them when they bought their next bra.

The Soma design team quickly discovered that there were no options on the market that provided reliable comfort and support, as well as a precise, flexible fit, while maintaining an attractive appearance throughout the life cycle of the bra.

Catfish® strives to achieve a perfect fit that develops along with the ever-changing shape of the woman. This led to BodifyTM – a bra that offers flexibility in non-standard cups that allow you to naturally change breast size or asymmetry, a belt without armpits and armpit structure for a smooth look and fit, as well as light features that promote airflow and extra comfort.

“At Soma, creating beautiful, solution-oriented products is at the heart of what we do,” he says. Holly WilsonVice President of Soma Design, “Launching Bodify marks our most innovative bra offering to date, truly tailored to what women want and need. Through this debut, we are changing the way women buy bras and the overall experience of using them, providing an option that was made to suit her unique shape and size, not the other way around. We are excited to continue to listen to women, embracing their struggles and applying innovation to create the most beautiful solutions. Bodify is just the beginning. “

Patented Flexicup Pad Technology found in Bodify cups made from a self-regulating material that bends and recovers to adapt as the female body shifts over the course of a month. When body heat is applied, the material softens and becomes more pliable, promoting adjustable stretching that adapts to breast density, size and shape. This elasticity prevents neckline cuts and adheres to each breast without radiance.

In addition to the Slex patented Flexicup Pad technology floating cup design offers extra flexibility, natural lift and cooling benefits. The inner mesh panel under the cups promotes air permeability, facilitating overheating by allowing the cup to adapt to the body. Ultimately, build BodifyTM the bra relieves pressure from the bra straps to provide independent support and proper lifting, eliminating burying or slipping.

Launch BodifyTM marks the market’s first technology and design combined with specialized stretching that provides unprecedented bra fit and the comfort she can count on. This bra allows you to not think about finding a bra that suits your unique size and shape.

Other Bodify features are solution-orientedTM the bra includes: non-slip straps made with soft spandex grip; adjustable, two-layer strap on the back for a smoother look; support of the lower bone of the soft casing; and a four-column clasp with hook and eyelets for extra customization.

The Bodify bra will be officially launched February 23, 2022 and will be available for purchase on for $ 68.00. Sizes from 34-38В-DDD; 40C-DDD and comes in 6 colors (warm amber, black. Quiet, pale sandy, Gray inkwild lavender and Pinot Noir).

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Founded in 2004, Soma® from day one was focused on what women want and need. The Soma design team, led only by women, has designed bras and panties, pajamas and a living room to make women feel beautiful and confident. There are now more than 250 boutiques and outlets across the country, a monthly catalog and round-the-clock shopping at or in the new Soma Intimates® program, available for download from the Apple Store. For more information, please visit us at Instagram, Twitter and Facebook #Soma starts with me.

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