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LAWRENCEVILLE – The 2022 Business Innovation Initiative was recently launched for small business owners to launch a merchant assistance program. The Brunswick County Economic Development Department, the Brunswick County Industrial Development Office, the Metropolitan Business League and the City Point Innovation Resource Center sponsored the event, which took place at the Brunswick County Convention Center.

Alfreda Jarrett Reynolds, director of economic development, said the Brunswick County Office of Industrial Development recently received a grant to revitalize the business district from the Virginia Department of Housing and Social Development for 2022.

“This program allows county agencies to directly address the needs of small businesses that are at risk in this struggling community. To provide additional impact, this project will use existing entrepreneurial initiatives, including the RISE Collaborative and the Metropolitan Business League. The MBL is the foundation for the development, support and promotion of small businesses, minority and women businesses in the Richmond area and the three cities and is very excited to expand its services in the Brunswick area. About 20 small enterprises were represented, and each of them was granted a free one-year membership in the capital’s business league, which is funded by a resource grant. Mika White, business development manager at the Metropolitan Business League, shared with the group how his organization can offer assistance to business owners. He stressed the importance of participation and networking to maximize the value of MBL membership.

“The activities of the icebreaker gave business owners the opportunity to share information about their business. Brunswick County is a gem, and our businesses provide services not only to our citizens, but many of these businesses reach far beyond our borders. Dennis Roberts of REMAC shared that his company is currently active in 10 states. Cynthia Chambers of Dancing for Joy shared that she traveled with her dance studio all the way to Peru. This event also allowed businesses to set some goals for 2022 and beyond until 2027. This will allow the Brunswick County Department of Economic Development and the Brunswick County Industrial Development Office to work with these businesses to maximize their goals and potential.

“This event is just the beginning of a structured program that we intend to provide for all existing and future small businesses. COVID-19 has brought our community many problems with supply chain problems, lack of finances and funding, and staffing difficulties. We are excited to be able to support our business community, and our goal is to make people and businesses thrive and thrive through the programs, support, and assistance we provide to them. I am happy to work with Mr. Mike Dotti of IDA Brunswick County and the Metropolitan Business League to help and support our Brunswick County businesses, ”Reynolds said.

Project Description – “This project will be a joint effort of the Brunswick County Economic Development Department and the Brunswick County Industrial Development Office. This project is a response to the fact that many local businesses are in desperate need of basic technical assistance and marketing opportunities for business. This program will allow county agencies to directly address the needs of small businesses at risk in this struggling community and ensure that our other small businesses continue to thrive. ”

Project activities include direct support for small businesses and entrepreneurship, resources, training and networking opportunities. Professional services to help build a business for long-term success. Develop marketing campaigns and increase your social media presence.

Expected results – serviced enterprises, implemented programs, measurable business results.

The Metropolitan Business League held consultations on Thursday, January 27, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Brunswick County Government Building by appointment.

Metropolitan Business League – Leadership, connection, success

Why become a member? “MBL is committed to the success of your business. MBL membership provides exclusive moments of our business on social media with a personal reception. New members receive a consultation with the MBL President or Business Development Manager and an invitation to participate in our orientation for new members. The engagement process continues with a series of registrations and follow-up actions aimed at guiding, connecting and helping you succeed. ”

Major Programs – RVA LinkUP has been revived as a major event that enables employees in a variety of vendors to meet businesses that can meet the needs faced by their companies. Monthly Replenishment Meetings – Replenishment meetings are held monthly and are designed to initiate a dialogue between members on issues of mutual concern and to provide opportunities for networking. Summer Happy Hours Online – The Summer Happy Hour series provides a relaxed environment for interacting with shoppers, purchasing professionals, corporate executives, a variety of vendors and elected officials.

Contact mwhite@thembl.org for more information.

To learn more, contact the Brunswick County Industrial Development Office at (434) 848-0248 or the Brunswick County Economic Development Office at (434) 848-8200.

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