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Ken and Randy Kendrick’s contributions to John Chambers College of Business and Economics will expand business education both at WVU and throughout West Virginia.
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A gift to the University of West Virginia leadership from longtime Ken and Randy Kendrick supporters will enable John Chambers College of Business and Economics to transform economic education through innovative programs for seniors and faculty across the state through the new Kendrick Center for Ethical Economics.

The $ 40 million partnership with the Kendricks family complements the wider effort to make WVU a focused leader in higher education. Over the next 10 years, WVU will allocate approximately $ 20 million – including restructured funds, material support and new investments – to the project, while Kendrick will contribute $ 20 million over the same period, making their commitment one of the largest. gifts in the history of Chambers College.

“This alliance to establish the Kendrick Center for Ethical Economics is changing the situation in West Virginia because it will help our state retain leading young talent in line with the University of West Virginia’s land allocation mission by helping teachers fill existing gaps in economic literacy,” he told students. President Gordon Guy.

The Kendrick Center for Ethical Economics will build on existing cutting-edge qualities within Chambers College’s Department of Economics to implement three key initiatives:

  • The Kendrick Educators in Economics program will increase the capacity and reach in economic education of youth across the state by investing in West Virginia teachers. The program will create a specialized track for teachers as part of the Master of Science (MSc) in Economics program, offer summer workshops on economic education for teachers, and recruit teacher teachers to support Kendrick Educators.
  • Enrollment in Economics 201, Principles of Microeconomics, will be expanded for West Virginia High School students to improve economic and financial literacy, encourage students interested in higher education, expand learning, and help retain and invest in homegrown talent.
  • The Kendrick Fellows program will recruit high school seniors at WVU, engage them in the Center’s courses and activities, and encourage them to stay in West Virginia after graduation.

The Kendrick Center complements the rethought vision of business education at WVU. The innovative approach, reflected in Reynolds Hall, the new home of Chambers College, scheduled to be completed in April 2022, combines a culture of start-up with an entrepreneurial mindset to nurture the business leaders of the future.

“The Kendrick family’s focus on economic and financial literacy and keeping our best students in the state will benefit not only those involved in these three programs, but West Virginia as a whole,” said Josh Hall, dean of Milan Puscar. “This revolutionary gift touches on all aspects of our mission, from building tomorrow’s business leaders to catalyzing interdisciplinary solutions that drive economic growth in West Virginia and beyond.”

The Center’s efforts to complement existing economics and ethics education for West Virginia students and offer in-depth training for their faculty will be guided by Kendrick’s Department of Economics, which will be held by the Center’s director, supported by at least four additional faculty. . Kathleen Johnson, an associate professor and assistant professor of economics, will serve as Kendrick’s inaugural chair.

“The Kendrick Center allows us to build on our responsibilities as educators to instill excellence, innovation and ethics in our work, and we are honored to work with them to enhance this gift that will serve our students and mission on land grants in transformation. ways, ”Johnson said.

Ken Kendrick, a native of Princeton, is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. He received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from WVU in 1965 and is now a managing general partner and major owner of Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball. He and his wife Randy live in Paradise Valley, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

Kendrick’s gift was made through the WVU Foundation, a non-profit organization that receives and manages private donations on behalf of the university. Kendrick has served on the Foundation’s Board of Directors for many years and completed his final term in 2020.

“On behalf of the WVU Foundation team, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ken and Randy Kendrick for their continued partnership,” said Cindy Roth, President and CEO of the WVU Foundation. “Their incredible history of supporting the WVU reflects their desire to watch the growth of the mountain state. This latest gift will build on their incredible legacy, launching effective programs to benefit the West Virginia economy for generations. ”

Ken Kendrick has remained devoted to his alma mater throughout his career. He previously founded Chambers College’s programs aimed at free enterprise, funded children’s vision programs at the WVU Eye Institute, and supported funds and programs for WVU student-athletes, including the WVU Hall of Traditions.

After graduating from WVU, Kendrick worked at IBM before founding Datatel, Inc., a world leader in computer software development technology infrastructure management for colleges, universities and foundations.

He then became head of the banking technology industry in the 1980s. Kendrick is a major investor in Woodforest National Bank, one of the nation’s largest private financial institutions. He also owns Bumble Bee Ranch, which is involved in providing Western lifestyles to children’s charities across Arizona.

Kendrick was a statutory member of the property group that founded Arizona Diamondbacks in 1995, and the team has made significant progress on and off the field as its leading general partner since 2004. Kendrick is also chairman of the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation and serves on many other charities, including the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Kendrick received an honorary degree from WVU in 2013. He was also inducted into the West Virginia Business Hall of Fame, the WVU Outstanding Alumni Academy and the first list of outstanding Chambers College graduates.


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