The CoolThink@JC project ranks among the world’s top education programmes and wins three international accolades, including the “Oscar” of education

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HANGKONG, February 22, 2022 / PRNewswire / – CoolThink @ JC, launched in 2016, aims to inspire students to digital creativity and educate them to actively use technology for social good from a young age. The project also aims to prepare students for the rapidly changing digital future and basic education in computing thinking in Hong Kong. This innovative and comprehensive educational program for computing thinking CoolThink @ JC recently received three international awards, showing that its overall design, curriculum and pedagogical approach have reached international standards and have a far-reaching impact on Hong Kong technological educational ecosystem. The project is created and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charitable Foundation, co-created by The Education University of Hong Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the city University of Hong Kong and with the support of the Hong Kong Bureau of Education.

The three awards include:

QS Reimagine Education Awards

International Certification of the International Society for Educational Technology (ISTE) (Seal of Alignment – Student Standard)

Certificate of Education Alliance Finland

As one of the world’s top 10 charitable donors, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has a unique integrated business model through which races and bets create tax and charitable support for society. Among them, “Development of Children and Youth” is one of their activities. Chung Leongexecutive director of charities and community at the Hong Kong Jockey Club said: “The Club is committed to educating the next generation to develop its strengths. By improving their skills, knowledge and abilities, it also hopes to educate young people, like the Club, to improve our society. By the end of 2024, the CoolThink @ JC project will cultivate nearly 100,000 elementary school high school students Hong Kong integrate computing thinking into innovative projects, actively use technology to solve problems and help people in need, and contribute to society. He has also developed a set of internationally recognized higher education programs to set an example for other regions. Now that the project has entered its second phase, the Club is determined to implement this world-class educational program to enable students of diverse backgrounds to benefit from it.

Michelle Lee Mae-Sheung, JP, Permanent Secretary of Educationsaid the Bureau of Education (EDB) is dedicated to nurturing talents in support of formation Hong Kong future development in an era of rapid technological progress. She thanked CoolThink @ JC for actively coordinating with curriculum development and contributing to improving coding education in primary schools, thereby strengthening students ’computational thinking, enhancing their creativity and problem-solving skills, and promoting learning and learning effectiveness.

She also congratulated the project on obtaining international accreditation and added: “It is gratifying to see that the award, in addition to recognizing the effectiveness of the program, is also a testament to Hong Kong is developing in one of the regions at the forefront of computational thinking education. Thanks to the ongoing promotion of the EDB and the support of various stakeholders, including the Hong Kong Jockey Club, we are pleased to see that most primary schools have introduced coding training. We hope that fellow educators will continue to excel in teaching and contribute to the education of a variety of innovations and technological talents in Hong Kong».

professor Stephen Chung Yang-Leung, President of Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK)said the university is honored to play a role in the project, adding that “as a university that focuses on nurturing future talents in education and related sectors, EdUHK is committed to providing students with the necessary knowledge such as STEM, coding and other innovative pedagogies to meet on modern challenges. I am glad that the university has jointly created the CoolThink @ JC project, which successfully introduces children to computing thinking for primary school children and unleashes their potential. We will continue to improve the content of the project and promote greater cooperation with the educational sphere. “

Winner of two major Oscars in education

Known as the “Oscar” in the education sector, the QS Reimagine Education Awards were awarded 90 prizes after reviewing 1,350 applications from 84 regions in recognition of their innovative curricula. Among them, the CoolThink @ JC project won a silver award in the Engineering & IT category and a bronze award in the “Teaching and Teaching Presence” category. The QS official said more than 300 independent judges and 20 distinguished juries participated in the evaluation of this year’s awards, so the winners received unequivocal support from education experts around the world.

First in Asia be accredited by ISTE and applied in educational projects based on curricula in mainstream schools

ISTE is a leading non-profit membership organization serving educators and education leaders. Resources and products designed to meet ISTE standards are chosen to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining critical skills and knowledge in the digital age. The CoolThink @ JC project achieves full scores (baseline) by two major standards, including innovative designer and computational thinking. The first reflective project can effectively help students use a variety of technologies to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems; The latter shows that a project can allow students to use a variety of technologies to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions. This international certification shows that the program has reached a leading international level in promoting the application of science and technology and has made significant contributions to the application of science and technology in teaching and advancing key scientific and technical skills. Currently, only 27 student resource projects in the world have received this certification. The CoolThink @ JC project is the first and only educational project based on the curriculum used in mainstream schools in Asia recognized by this international standard.

Achieves excellent results in the “Pedagogical Approach” and “Participation in Learning” according to the Educational Alliance of Finland

The Educational Alliance of Finland (EAF) is a certified member of Education of Finland, specializing in quality assurance of educational solutions and services. EAF offers evaluation and certification of EdTech products. The EAF has 175 certified products in 30 countries with 360 ratings. The CoolThink @ JC project scored 96 points (out of 100 points) in “Pedagogical Approach” and 4.4 points (out of 5 points) in “Participation in Learning”. In the evaluation of the “Pedagogical Approach” the project was rated as the highest level, showing that “the project is extremely innovative and has great educational value, and training materials for computational thinking and programming are very complete and complete.” With regard to “Learning Interaction”, the project was also rated as the highest level, showing that it not only effectively improves students’ technical skills, but also successfully inspires self-study and increases “student involvement”.

The main directions of computational thinking in the official curriculum

Since its launch in 2016, the CoolThink @ JC project has developed a three-year program for elementary school high school students with 14 class hours per school year. He supported 131 primary schools and 674 teachers Hong Kong, and aims to enable nearly 100,000 high school elementary school students to take advantage of computational thinking classes. An independent evaluation found that students who participated in CoolThink @ JC grew twice as much in problem-solving skills compared to students who did not. The project supports 368 primary schools in various ways. At the same time, through collaboration with various organizations that fund schools, teachers ’associations and the Bureau of Education, it encourages more than 70% of public schools and schools operating under the direct grant scheme in Hong Kong take the first step and jointly promote computational thinking.

About CoolThink @ JC

Aiming to inspire students to digital creativity and educate them to actively use technology for the social good of youth, CoolThink @ JC is a computing thinking initiative created and funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charitable Foundation and co-founded by The Education. University of Hong Kong, Massachusetts Institute of Technologyand the city University of Hong Kong. In collaboration with local educators and world-leading experts, CoolThink @ JC provides teachers with high-quality teaching materials, a learning platform and professional development programs.

The CoolThink @ JC approach prepares students for a rapidly changing digital future through a hands-on, smart and joyful learning experience. After the successful implementation of the four-year pilot project in 2020, the second phase of CoolThink @ JC will start with the aim of introducing education in the field of computing thinking.

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