Redesign your space live

Redesign your room live

Redesign your room live

People who have more time in their hands have allowed them to express themselves through design and allowed them to finally create the houses of their dreams.

As we develop, so should our homes. ”

“Suzanne Tucker.”

Middletown, Delaware, USA, February 22, 2022 / – The global pandemic that struck us all by surprise has ultimately changed our lives extravagantly, both positively and negatively. This has shifted our global economy to emphasize the power and importance of the digital world. Most jobs have shifted online, creating opportunities that allow us to work without leaving home. Due to the fact that the human race is now spending more time in their nests, there has been a significant increase in investment in home decoration items. People who have more time in their hands have allowed them to express themselves through design and allowed them to finally create the house they dreamed of.

“In August 2020, 74.2 million consumers completed home renovations last year, which is almost 20% more than the same period last year” (Comscore, 2020). This has led to a market opportunity for efficient and stylish home decorators who can renovate any part of your home in record time. “Internet spending on furniture, appliances and equipment rose to $ 12.1 billion in the second quarter of 2020” (Comscore e-Commerce, 2020). Becoming part of this trend and being able to create the trendy interior you’ve always wanted has never been easier thanks to innovative interior decor intermediaries such as Pancake, Havenly and IKEA. “Internet home decor is estimated at $ 98.4 billion in 2020 against COVID-19, and is projected to grow by $ 348.3 billion by 2027” (Indian Express, 2020)

“As we evolve, so must our homes.” “Suzanne Tucker.” has reinvented the wheel by innovatively creating a digital way to redecorate your home in less than two hours. Arrange a one-on-one call with a professional designer and get a completely personalized 3D design that’s perfect for you. Fill in a simple form, enter what space you would like to redo? What style do you like? Upload images and measure your space. Make an appointment, and the room of your dreams will begin to take its first steps. “I absolutely enjoyed my pancake experience. Very impressive design and rendering on site that exceeded my expectations … It was so wonderful to see the room come alive and be able to play with alternatives ”. – Alison H. (5 stars)

“The best design projects are the ones where people break the rules.” “Nate Bercus.”
Havenly also took on a digital angel to redesign the house. Choose which designer you would like to work with based on reviews and past projects, describe the house of your dreams, let the designer know what style you like, and it’s that simple. Effective communication and qualified professionals are waiting for you to realize the house of your dreams. Recent positive feedback: “Great service! Havenly great – I’m so happy to have tried this in my living room / dining room. It’s easy to use and my designer did what we were looking for! I’m going to use it for our bedroom as well. ” – Amy E. (5 stars)
IKEA for many years is a reliable company engaged in interior decoration. Although it does not offer personalized interior design proposals, it has many items that allow you to instantly create the house of your dreams. Products like frames and paintings, plants and flowers, storage boxes and baskets, mirror candles and more are all very affordable. Redesign the house today without breaking the bank.

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