Tesla’s LFP Batteries – An Important Development in Battery Technology

Tesla’s LFP batteries are an important development in battery technology

Tesla has been producing LFP batteries in China for some time, and with the recent change to the 2022 RWD Model 3 (base model), on which we’ve seen some range tests, they’re now paying much more attention. Are they close to 4680 batteries?

An LFP battery is just another chemistry and a way to create a battery that contains more iron. They are popular with the Chinese and are slightly heavier than lithium-ion batteries. The 2170s or 4680s are a bag from Korean and Chinese companies. Now these batteries should be enough for 1 million miles. LFP batteries should last longer.

They are different in that they last longer and they also don’t have as much charge or as much “umfa” as Sandy Monroe likes to call it. If you want great performance and super long range, then LFP may not be the battery you want. You can wait for the 4680 battery or other battery development for this. Also the risk of igniting LFP batteries is lower.

LFP battery use

Could you make a Model S plaid with LFP? Sandy says it would be foolish to go with LFP batteries for a plaid. They are not suitable for high-octane cars. They just won’t give you the speed and performance that lithium-ion batteries can give you. Plaid is all about “oomph” – speed and performance. Not battery life or range – although the Plaid has a long range.

You can charge LFP batteries 100% – why is that? You can take standard batteries and charge them 100%, it will take some time. With LFP it takes less time to bring them to 100% charge. If you are looking at a speed limit, you can get to it earlier with LFP. But if you want to accelerate and move fast, LFP may not be what you want.

Tesla made LFP batteries in China, not the US. Why so? The Chinese usually like to drive less fast than the Americans, this is one of the reasons. China also has many separate production facilities with LFP batteries, and they tend to be safer, which is pleasing to the Chinese government. They purchase batteries and supplies locally, which also makes it easy and inexpensive.

Model 3 RWD with LFP

The Model 3 RWD with LFP batteries will charge faster, can charge up to 100% and will probably have a longer battery life. Sandy Monroe says the LFP batteries are working fine.

Getting an LFP is a decision you make based on your needs and parameters. Want to charge fast? Do you mind accelerating a little slower? Aren’t you against a slightly smaller range overall? Do you want to pay a little less or a little more? Do you want the battery to be a little safer? These are the things that matter.

Model 3 RWD with LFP batteries has the following characteristics:

* Prismatic form factor
* 272 miles – and can charge up to 1005
* 0 to 60 mph in about 5.8 seconds (compared to 5.2 compared to the previous battery type)
* The base price is about $ 45,000
* Ability to charge up to 100%
* Slightly higher charging speed
* Very efficient use of energy

I have a model 3 RWD to order without FSD and I plan to write about this car after delivery and share my experience with it. I feel like it’s a good buy, and if I want to keep the car for life, I have to get 20 to 30 years of very good use.

Are LFP batteries worth it to you? Would you get a Model 3 RWD with LFP batteries?

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