Smart Talk Road Trip to York County School of Technology

Learn about the required skilled jobs and their place in the economy

  • Scott Lamar

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Many employers require a four-year college diploma for prospective employees.

But just as many don’t. However, these employers are looking for employees who have the skills and training needed to perform the jobs available to them. This shortage of skilled workers was difficult before the COVID-19 pandemic led to a shortage of all types of staff to replace positions.

The country’s technical schools offer training and experience to work today and tomorrow in careers such as architecture and construction technology, computer programming, medical professions, communication technology and more. These are jobs that are well paid.

Reasonable conversation on Wednesday goes to York County School of Technology to learn more about these careers and how these jobs fit in and impact the economy. the program is part of the WITF A career that works project.

Among the guests who will appear on the program are students from York County School of Technology, Scott Rogers, MS Ed., Assistant Administrative Director of York County School of Technology, Kevin Schreiber, President and CEO of the York Economic Alliance and John Pulver, Deputy Director of PA Assoc. . career and technical administrators.

WITF A career that works is a permanent, evolving multimedia initiative highlighting the workforce development in south central Pennsylvania. It is supported by the Tech Link South Central PA Career and Technical Education Consortium. Find out more at

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