Role of Technology & Partnerships in Augmenting Training & Education of Surgeons

Mr. Proshant Krishnan, Senior Director of Surgery, Patient Monitoring and ENT, Medtronic India

India represents a diverse health diaspora. On the one hand, there are the best superspecialized hospitals that offer many of the latest technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of patients managed by a highly qualified medical fraternity. On the other hand, there are significant unmet health needs, different disease profiles, lack of proper health infrastructure in remote cities and lack of qualified surgeons. Even in large cities, doctors and surgeons outside of large hospitals have not been trained to advance in medical technology.

The current market for medical devices in India is estimated at nearly $ 11 billion. It is expected to reach $ 50 billion by 2025.1 Medical technology plays an important role in improving access to quality health care, enabling healthcare professionals (HCPs) to expand their reach beyond physical proximity to their facilities. With digital counseling, telemedicine and remote monitoring, patients feel more empowered as technology stretches their arms wide to improve access to the last mile and provide real-time solutions to problems. The involvement of surgeons, nursing staff, paramedics and hospital administration plays a crucial role in providing quality care. This is where continuous training and education is needed.

Perspectives should go beyond traditional product and procedure training and adopt a comprehensive approach to care that allows physicians to think about aspects before and after the procedure. And given the rapid advances in MedTech, every few years there are always new approaches to disease assessment and treatment. Thus, an exciting learning experience combined with remote patient observation using augmented reality and virtual reality platforms can make the experience very personalized for surgeons. The collective efforts of MedTech companies and hospitals will create more value and positively impact outcomes that are important to patients.

Medtronic India conducts a wide range of clinical education and training programs for healthcare professionals to remove barriers to awareness and access by advancing learning therapies and developing new implants. In addition to our two training centers, last year Medtronic India teamed up with two organizations to achieve local health goals.

Our partnership with the Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) has been established in Kashmir in a new surgical skills laboratory to teach young novice surgeons the nuances of minimally invasive surgery. Surgeons will not need to leave Kashmir for this training, which will add value to health systems across J&K to eliminate common barriers to capacity and awareness and increase patients ’access to a variety of innovative treatments in the future.

Another collaboration we announced last year was with the Association of Minimum Access Surgeons of India (AMASI) to provide training center equipment that will train surgeons and enhance their skills. The labs are equipped with a world-class infrastructure for advanced laparoscopic learning and simulation-based activities to enhance the learning experience. The training module will include:

  • Practical laboratory experience.
  • One-on-one interaction.
  • Live demonstrations.
  • Video-based education.
  • Interactive lectures from experienced faculties.

Through these partnerships, Medtronic is committed to improving the training and education of young surgeons by giving them more ownership and involvement in their ongoing professional development. Guided by our bold ambitions to become a leading company in medical technology, we ensure that we put patients at the center of everything we do. And we’re going beyond devices to help technology serve more people than ever before.

This article was written by Mr. Proshant Krishnan, Senior Director of Surgery, Patient Monitoring and ENT, Medtronic India.



Disclaimer: This article was prepared on behalf of India Medtronic Pvt Ltd. the Mediawire team.


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