Penn State, industry highlight innovation at Industry Innovation Summit

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania – Companies, faculty, and staff from Pennsylvania gathered Feb. 17 at the Innovation Park for the first Industrial Innovation Summit, which featured panels, speakers, and educational sessions that fostered discussions between innovation and innovation in industry. .

Speakers from Siemens Technology, IBM Global Business Services, KCF Technology and Goodwill Keystone Area spoke at the Summit, organized by the Pension Industry Partnership, about the impact that innovation has and is currently having on their companies as they acquire. . an insight into Penn State’s resources for industry partners and its student programs dedicated to innovation.

“From researching innovation to offering workshops and resources that companies can access, we are doing a great job in the innovation space,” said Ginny Umberger, vice president of research and director of the Industrial Partnerships Office. “This summit brought together faculty and staff in this space, so we can connect them with companies. In addition to the program of this summit, we will connect these companies with our core facilities and faculty to jointly create the next generation of technology. ”

At the center of the event was a conversation with representatives of the above companies. Hosted by Laura Weiss, Senior Vice President of Research, this chat details technology and digital transformation, how universities can help companies innovate and fill gaps in the innovation space, and how advances in 5G and other technologies will affect innovation in companies.

“Research is a continuous cycle, and we benefit from the experience we gain from faculty and students,” said Arthur Pisano, program manager for Siemens Technology University. “In return, we can also bring back to the university cases of practical use or important issues that can help guide your research into applications that have a real impact.”

In addition, the summit contained presentations that allowed faculty and staff to share with the companies present what they are now doing in the innovation space. Among the resources and programs allocated were the Invent Penn State Initiative, the Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the School of Engineering Design, Technology and Professional Programs (SEDTAPP) and others.

Jessica Menold, an associate professor at the School of Engineering Design and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, also gave a presentation at the Industry Innovation Summit. She spoke about the relationship between research and innovation and how educators can translate this research into effective ways to help companies and society.

“If we want to increase innovative results in companies, we need to start by improving the skills and training of the people who make up our workforce. Universities enter here, ”Menold said. “As researchers of innovation and design, we need to translate empirical findings into proven methods and tools that can practically support innovative output in industry. This translation absolutely depends on active cooperation between industry and academia. “

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About the Office of Industrial Partnerships

The Office of Industrial Partnerships was formed in 2014 as part of a broader strategic initiative in Penn State to enhance both economic development and student career success. The office consists of three organizations – the Center for Corporate Interaction, the Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP) and the Innovation Park – that support the establishment of strategic win-win partnerships with industry.

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