Peace Park Learning Center to Bring Resources and Access to Technology to Southwest Baltimore

Baltimore, MD – Peace Park Fellowship Stillmeadow Community Fellowship is coming to Baltimore residents this month to promote literacy and access to technology resources at Zip Code 21229 and beyond. Everyone is invited to join the Stillmeadow Community Fellowship and their local partners on 22 February 2022 to spend the afternoon exploring and having fun.

The event will showcase the technological resources, training opportunities and workforce development programs offered at the Training Center. Programming in space will support all age groups and strata with interesting computer literacy, education and health classes offered for free.

Stillmeadow is working with three neighboring schools on zip code 21229 to provide access to technology and the Internet for students that teachers have identified as a major issue that has affected learning outcomes, especially during COVID. Five elementary, middle and high school students will have access to laptops with Wi-Fi connectivity. A cohort of 15 students will participate in STEAM activities to enhance learning opportunities at the Peace Park Learning Center every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm, and the program will officially begin on Wednesday, February 23, 2022.

“West Baltimore and the Charm City community deserve access to technology, high-quality information and training resources,” said Aaron Greenberg, executive director of Libraries Without Borders US. “We are proud to partner with Stillmeadow to make a difference in the fight for digital capital.”

The disparities created by the “digital divide” have a domino effect that leaves several aspects of American life untouched. The burden of accessing technology to graduate from college and career increases when basic computer literacy skills are ineffective.

“There are people who have access to technology but don’t know how to properly manage devices,” said Pastor Stillmeadow Michael Martin. “On the contrary, there are those who do not have access to technology, but own the equipment.”

“Here at Stillmeadow Community Fellowship, our goal is to close the gap in needs by serving as a support that provides resources to our community.”

To express your interest in the Peace Park Training Center, fill out the following form at .

WHAT: Opening Day – Stillmeadow PeacePark Training Center

WHERE: Stillmeadow Community Fellowship

WHEN: Tuesday, February 22 – 16:30 – 18:30

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION: Stillmeadow Community Projects, Inc.



The Stillmeadow Fellowship Community (SCF), currently led by Pastor Michael C. Martin, is a church located along the Frederick Avenue Corridor in southwest Baltimore. With a focus on leadership, SCF strives to exist as an anchor community for the surrounding areas, using its resources to holistically serve the community. In 2018, SCF created the nonprofit organization Stillmeadow Community Projects, Inc. to better serve the public. The nonprofit has attracted Baltimore residents through environmental training and workforce development.

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LWB US is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities to disunited communities and people in crisis by facilitating access to reliable information, learning opportunities, and cultural resources. Since 2015, we have been creating connected learning locations throughout the United States. From public parks and public gardens in Baltimore to laundries in Auckland and San Antonio, LWB US meets people where they are and connects them with important information needed for life, work, study and play.

Libraries Without Borders US (LWB US) is a branch of the Library without Borders (BSF). LWB US is headquartered in Washington, DC, and oversees all operations in the United States.
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