Pana is Working With Visa to Deliver the Next Innovation in Banking for Hispanics in USA

By joining the Visa Fintech Fast Track program, Pana will give an innovative digital banking experience to the Spanish-speaking community in the United States

Miami, February 22, 2022— (BUSINESS WIRE) –Pana, a Latin American neobank, announced today that it has joined the Visa Fintech Fast Track program, accelerating the integration process with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, enabling Mr. to make it easier to use the reach, features and security offered by VisaNet, the company’s global payment network. Via Fast Track, Mr. now capable resolve major pain points millions Hispanics in the U.S. have experienced when it comes to banking and money management.

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CEO and co-founder of Pana, Piero Nunez del Risco and Luis Peña, technical director (chief technology officer) and co-founder (Photo: Business Wire)

“Among the Spanish-speaking community, banking is a group affair – it is felt through a shared approach to spending and family sharing,” he said. Mr. CEO and co-founder Piero Nunez del Risco. “That’s why we’re creating an easy-to-open digital bank account through which users with general needs can connect and perform basic banking operations that are currently out of their reach.”

The team, led by Piero, former head of Scotiabank’s digital factory in the Caribbean and Central America, and Luis Peña, its technical director and co-founder, has proven experience in digital banking and technology, as well as strong links with the Spanish-speaking community. in the United States.

The Visa Fintech Fast Track program provides startups such as Mr. the opportunity to access Visa’s growing partner network, as well as experts who can provide advice to help them get started in the most efficient way. Learn more about the Visa Fintech Fast Track program at

“By joining the Visa Fast Track program, exciting technologists love it Mr. “Get unprecedented access to Visa’s expertise, technology and resources,” said Terry Angelos, senior vice president and head of Visa’s global technology department. “Fast Track allows us to provide new resources that fast-growing companies need to scale effectively.”

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