Orlando International Airport puts new technology at the forefront

Orlando International Airport (MCO) will open its new South Terminal C in July 2022 with a focus on technology, innovation and sustainability.

Photo by Orlando International Airport

What does this mean for the flying audience? South Terminal C with an area of ​​300 acres will be able to accommodate 10-12 million passengers annually, and although it is consistently ranked among the country’s best airports for customer service, new technologies will make travel more comfortable and easier for those millions.

“Some terminals are designed for airlines or aircraft. The new Terminal C of Orlando International Airport is designed for people, ”said Bill Brooks, PE, Senior Program Director of HNTB Record Architect.

Among other innovations, the new terminal is ready for the debut of the next generation of The Orlando Experience, a seamless environment with low-level touch with a concession center, interactive video displays in ticket offices and access to several interiors that promote sustainability.

Shelter moment of Orlando International Airport
Moment Vault

Curtis Fentres, FAIA director in charge of design with Design Architect Fentress Architects, described the unique environment of South Terminal C: “We really embraced the‘ Orlando Experience ’with an innovative mirror that produces spotted light. Passengers will feel as if they are walking through an orange grove, one of their favorite places. We also use plants, trees and new technologies that will improve the passenger experience now and for future generations. ”

Picking up luggage after a purposeful flight has become easier. Visitors will find their luggage carousel at the same level at which they arrived, and the carousel even has the ability to lift each bag for less expense. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a welcoming view of the Sunny State even before visitors leave the terminal.

Palm Court
Palm Court

Real-time bag tracking has also become more efficient thanks to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Each tag is equipped with the latest RFID chip, providing 100% tracking capability and a more user-friendly experience.

Arriving passengers can take advantage of the robotic Early Bag Storage system, which can hold up to 1,800 bags, giving them the convenience of dropping their bags long before the flight.

When it comes time to land, MCO offers 100% automated lanes for international departures and arrivals.

“The combination of sophisticated design and innovation really puts people first in a world-class facility that will give the Orlando Experience and more as soon as they step inside,” said Carolyn Fennel, senior director of public relations and public relations. . Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. “Orlando International Airport, the main gateway to Florida and one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, is preparing for future travel through this impressive construction event.”

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