Midea Unveils Latest Smart Cleaning Technology and Futuristic Robot Vacuum Cleaner to the World

Suzhou, China – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Midea Group (000333.SZ), the world’s leading high-tech company, today announced the details of its next-generation robot vacuum cleaner, the Midea S8 + automatic dust collection robot, manufactured by Midea Robozone Technology, a subsidiary of Midea. Group. The S8 + joins Midea’s line of intelligent cleaners, which provide optimum performance for all household cleaning solutions.

“As an innovator in smart cleaning technology, I can proudly say that Midea is reaffirming its leadership in the smart home industry by revolutionizing high-performance robot vacuum cleaners to provide more convenience to our customers around the world. The S8 + is a premium Midea model that represents a significant shift in modern home life, where consumers are looking for smart cleaning assistants to meet the needs of modern fast-paced life, ”said Alice Shaw, vice president of sales and marketing at Robozone. As the world’s largest manufacturer of large home appliances, Midea continues to develop smart cleaning solutions and products with world-class cleaning technologies and is achieving greater success for our home cleaning and care business as a whole.

According to a report by ResearchandMarkets, the global market for household vacuum cleaners in 2021 was estimated at 43,104.6 million US dollars and by 2028 is projected to reach 58,439.6 million dollars. in Russia, Germany, France and Poland. Now the company is adding that momentum and plans to release a second new product, the S8 + automatic dust collector robot. One of the biggest improvements of the Midea S8 + is its automatic dust collection station, which only needs to be changed once every 30 days, providing a space where the device unfolds, odorless, automatically collecting dust when charging.

The Robozone team remains true to Midea’s core philosophy – “practical innovation” to inform about every feature and solution associated with a product. Robozone has used advanced technology and has shaped its core competitiveness in next-generation smart home appliances by focusing on smart home cleaning technology and the ecosystem.

Moving forward, Robozone will develop a variety of cleaning solutions for more than 100 global markets and, by offering a diversified product portfolio, aims to become the best specialist in home cleaning solutions.

About Midea Robozone Technology

Robozone is a high-tech company specializing in artificial intelligence, Smart Robot products and Smart Solutions. Robozone has a multi-brand portfolio (including Midea and Toshiba, etc.) covering 100+ global markets. Midea Robozone Technology is a subsidiary of the Midea Group.

About Midea Group

Midea Group (000333.SZ) is a Fortune 500 company with strong business growth in various fields. We believe in the humanization of technology, which means we offer customized solutions based on our deep understanding of human nature, thanks to the combined efforts of 52 years of production excellence and the world’s leading robotics and automation technologies. We are doing more to embrace the future by constantly researching and inventing to meet the ever-changing demand of our customers and consumers.

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