Kitchen And Bath Industry Show Awards Honor Wellness And Innovation

In 2022, the winners of the Best of KBIS award celebrate the wellness design of kitchens and bathrooms, as well as new technologies, configurations and features. Evaluated the products exhibited at the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, held February 8-10 in Orlando, as part of four experienced members of the designers of the owner of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

This year’s products cover global brands such as Miele and Signature Kitchen Suites (LG’s upscale line), as well as small firms showcasing new product types such as the innovative RainStick Shower recycling shower system. These were the winners.

Bath Gold: Kohler – Avoir Toilet

This award was given to Kohler’s Avoir Toilet, a sleek tankless model with a quietly closing lid and seat. The comfortable height makes it more accessible for use by adults, and the hidden branch facilitates cleaning.

Bath Silver: Airmada Drying Solutions – Airmada Drying System

This is a new category for the show and industry designed to reduce bathroom maintenance and create a more hygienic space. The Airmada system can be added to showers or bath / shower combinations and eliminates the need to wipe after bathing. It makes life easier for those who have mobility or balance issues, and saves time. It also reduces the possibility of germs spreading through the reuse of a squeegee or comparator.

Kitchen Gold: branded kitchen set (SKS) – 48-inch refrigerator with French doors and convertible box

Premium brand LG has introduced a new size in the category of built-in refrigeration equipment. Expanding the popular style of French doors from below, the branded kitchen set * contains many features in this model. Depending on the needs of the owner there is a drawer that can be moved from the fridge to the freezer to cool the wine. There is also a freezer that offers standard and craft ice, which is becoming an increasingly popular industrial trend.

Kitchen Silver: John Michael Kitchens – CORE: luxury metal cabinets

Metal cabinets provide a durable storage option for homeowners – especially in the increasingly popular outdoor kitchens. Judges noted that this marine-class line with built-in Bluetooth speakers, lighting and hoods from manufacturer John Michael Kitchens of South Carolina offers a range of industry-new colors, textures and materials. Healthy outdoor entertainment has certainly become more important with the advent of COVID, and new offerings are welcomed by both specifiers and homeowners.

Connected Home Technology: PuriCare ™ AeroTower ™ Air Purifier

Air purification was a widespread trend at the exhibition, no doubt caused by the pandemic. This new LG * air purifier features quiet operation suitable for the bedroom or home office, HEPA filtration for maximum capture, remote control via the app and various air modes from wide to narrow.

Impact Award (Judge’s Choice): RainStick Shower – RainStick Shower

The RainStick recirculating shower system reduces water use by up to 80% while ultraviolet water treatment to purify and double the flow even in areas that require conservation, for a more luxurious shower. It also connects to an app that allows you to monitor your usage, which is perfect for eco-home owners. This innovative product should appeal to customers who strive for health and sustainability – this is the hallmark of Generation Z consumers who enter the space of buying a home.

The best at the exhibition: Miele – steam oven Miele Generation 7000 Artline 30 “

Convection steam ovens, often referred to as steam ovens, are becoming increasingly popular among home chefs who care about their health. The latest offering from the luxury brand Miele * in this category adds intuitive multi-mode cooking with connected functions. This means getting perfectly browned and crunchy food wherever you want, as well as intuitive conveniences such as remote camera and shutdown, door opening to avoid overcooking and easy self-cleaning. It also offers one of the most exquisite styles on the market today for lovers of modern design.


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