Kenton County’s Paula Rust receives 2022 Kentucky Education Support Staff Professional Award

Paula Rust, fourth from left, director of health care at Kenton County School, was awarded the Kentucky State Education Support Service Professional Award 2022 on February 22nd. The unexpected presentation on the left was attended by Kenton County Superintendent Henry Webb, Kenton. County School Board members Esica Jen and Karen Collins, Rust, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman and Kentucky State Education Commissioner Jason E. Glass.
Photo by Tony Conz Tatman, February 22, 2022

Paula Rust, director of the Kenton County School of Health Services, was awarded the Kentucky State Education Support Service (KESSP) Award on February 22, 2021-2022. The second winner will be announced on February 24.

The award was established in 2020 at the state level by Governor Andy Bescher and. Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman recognizes more than 46,000 secret school employees. Classified school staff perform vital and often overlooked roles: from transporting students to school, to preparing meals to working with partner agencies to meet vital needs.

Growth received his award during an unexpected visit by Lt. Governor Coleman, a former educator and commissioner of education and a senior student of Jason E. Glass.

“Our secret school staff perform many roles in our schools. Although often behind the scenes, the work they do is incredibly valuable, ”Coleman said. “I am very grateful that we have an award that recognizes at the state level the class staff of the school who perform exemplary work.”

Glass said: “I am grateful that the Governor and the Lieutenant-Governor take this opportunity to honor the immeasurable contribution of classified staff to every school district in this state. Their hard work and dedication to all Kentucky public school students was noticed and appreciated. Without them, our schools simply could not work. “

Growth chooses a positive difference every day, making the Kenton School District a community of stronger and more responsive students, said her candidate Jessica Dykes.

“Paula respects and serves others, in particular by maintaining consistent communication at this unprecedented time. She is unusual. She can be found helping out around the county with testing on COVID-19, conducting a vision survey for preschoolers, participating in a video by Mr. Rogers as a guest to show audiences the importance of wearing a mask, washing hands and social distance, or collaborating with school staff on student health, ”Dykes said.

Rust collaborated with the North Kentucky Department of Health to create a COVID-19 solution tree for schools that was distributed nationwide. She was invited to present the District COVID-19 Decision Tree to student staff directors across the state.

“Paula Rust is a visionary leader of the Kenton School District and those who embody productivity, participation in school and society, leadership and commitment, local support and image enhancement of secret school staff in society and schools, as described in the RISE Award,” – said Dykes. “For all these and other reasons, Paul Rust deserves the Rise Award 2021.”

As a result, the Rust Award was presented to the U.S. Department of Education (USED) for consideration in 2021 for participation in the National Inspiring School Award (RISE). The winner will be announced by the US Secretary of Education in the spring of 2022.

The RISE Award, which rewards school staff who have demonstrated excellence in student service, was adopted by Congress in 2019 and is overseen by USED.

The Kentucky RISE Award Committee, made up of key education stakeholders, was convened by Lt. Governor Coleman and Gov. Bashir to review and evaluate the nominations.

Kenton County Superintendent Henry Webb echoed Dyke’s praise for Rast and her work for students.

“Polo Rust is a dedicated district leader who works tirelessly for the safety and well-being of all stakeholders in Team Kenton. Her leadership was and remains important to our success as we adapt to these challenging times of education, ”Webb said.

“Pala always makes decisions with children and creates world-class educational opportunities for students and staff.”

He said Rust has even included mentoring high school students seeking careers in the healthcare industry, and leading area health professionals with training and professional development.

“She’s just amazing, and her impact can never be fully measured,” Webb said.

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