International Education Management Students Apply Skills through Practicum Projects

Each year, Middlebury Institute students in the International Education Management (IEM) program spend their final semester full-time at an international educational organization. In the fall of 2021, 19 students, including Katria Burkdall MPA / MAIEM ’21, Eleanor Vogt MAIEM ’21 and Katie Wells MAIEM ’21, embarked on projects around the globe, covering places such as Sacramento and far from France.

Enhancing intercultural competence

Eleanor Vogt MAIEM ’21 completed a workshop at the University of California, San Diego’s (UCSD) Office of Overseas Studies, which she called a dream job and a leading factor in why she chose an international education management degree. While working at UCSD, Vogt conducted a risk analysis, evaluated the university’s virtual internship programs, developed study materials such as a handbook on intercultural competence, and conducted pre-field classes for students studying abroad.

Vogt’s time at UCSD did not end with her internship. After graduating from the institute, Vogt continued to work full-time as an undergraduate advisor at the University’s Department of Psychology.

Develop an after-school training program for refugees

Katria Burkdoll, a graduate of the 2021 MPA / IEM Joint Program, volunteered as a consultant to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where she developed an after-school program for high school refugees in the Sacramento area. Her work in the Refugees Empowering Peers program included developing change theory and a logical model of the program, a 16-week curriculum, implementation guide for program teachers, information flyers for stakeholders, and program evaluation for the program pilot project. The program has now provided school and grant funding for implementation.

Since then, Berkdoll has continued to work at Cultural Vistas in Washington, DC, where she joined fellow student Wenonah Echelard MAIEM ’22.

Counseling students abroad

Katie Wells MAIEM ’21 completed a workshop at the Syracuse Center in Syracuse, France, where she worked as a student service intern responsible for advising students on studying abroad, and co-sponsored a first-year seminar for students of Discovery Strasbourg. Since then, she has been offered a full-time position as an international program advisor at the Syracuse University’s main international office in Syracuse, New York, where she advises prospective and enrolled students on programs at the University of Strasbourg and Madrid.

More than 20 percent of the internship students in the fall of 2021 were abroad, and more than 25 percent of the internships were either full-time or permanent, or resulted in permanent offers by the end of the semester.

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