Electric vehicle education campaign underway in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee

Clean fuel organizations in Alabama and two other southeastern states are running a new campaign to rejuvenate consumers and deepen knowledge and understanding of electric vehicles (EVs).

The Alabama Clean Fuel Coalition, Clean Cities Georgia and Tennessee Clean Fuels have joined forces to launch a three-month educational and information campaign to promote EV ownership.

Television and radio commercials about the benefits of EVs have been running in three states since December and will run through mid-March. This month, organizations launched a series of free virtual events to answer the most common questions about EV. Lunch events will last until April 5.

“A grant from Electrify America has allowed us to launch this campaign to raise awareness and raise awareness about electric cars in Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee,” said Michael Staley, president of the Alabama Clean Fuel Coalition. “We know there are a lot of questions in the public about electric cars, and we’re excited to help get answers to those questions.”

Alabama Broadcasters President Sharon Tinsley and her counterparts in Georgia and Tennessee said electric vehicles are an ideal topic for their Partnership in Public Education (PEP) programs, in which associations work with the media to promote issues of interest to society. “EV has generated more clicks faster than any of the other digital companies we’ve conducted. It tells me about the great interest in electric cars. “

According to a press release from the three clean fuel organizations, market research shows that many people’s doubts about EV are based on outdated information about early car models. The ongoing campaign is designed to inform consumers about the latest EVs, which organizations say are strong competitors with internal combustion engines in terms of performance and cost.

“People have honest questions about car range, performance and charging infrastructure,” said Frank Morris, CEO of Clean Cities Georgia, “and our virtual webinars will be great educational opportunities for the public to get honest answers from EV owners in their communities. ”

Modern EV models range from fuel-efficient sedans and full-size SUVs to luxury sports and production cars and pickups that are capable of powering the playground or pulling a fishing boat to the lake, the press release said.

In addition to the grant from Electrify America, the coalition is united through a federal grant called DRIVE Electric USA. Each State Party has its own individually managed company. Alabama – Drive Electric Alabama. Drive Electric Georgia and Drive Electric Tennessee are companies in these states.

Alabama Power is working with partners to support Alabama Drive Electric. Each government initiative has broad objectives, including engaging and educating consumers, utilities, utility regulators, local and state government officials, car dealers, current and potential EV owners, fleet managers, and vehicle manufacturers.

“We are focused on eliminating barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles and accelerating the use of plug-in EVs in our states,” said Jonathan Overley, director of Tennessee Clean Fuels and lead coordinator of the DRIVE Electric USA project. “We hope people will visit our websites and sign up for one of the many future virtual and personal educational opportunities we plan in 2022.”

To learn more about the virtual educational activities that will take place in the coming weeks, and to register, click here. To learn more about Alabama Power’s involvement in supporting and raising awareness about electric transportation options, click here.

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