Bryan Caples runs for Shasta County Office of Education superintendent

A longtime teacher from California has appeared to challenge Judy Flores for the elective position of head of schools in Shasta County.

Brian Caples, 53, is gaining support from residents for his stance against government mandates to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in schools. He describes himself as a conservative voice for students, parents and teachers of Shasta County.

Caples said he was a faithful man and believed God had called him to run for office. It gives bold promises to voters to oppose government mandates and health regulations to combat COVID-19 in schools.

The race will be covered during the primary election in California, scheduled for June 7.

Although Caples is adamant about what he would have done if he had been elected to the post, in reality the powers of the headmaster are limited. The head of the Shasta County Department of Education and the board have no authority over the 25 school districts and can neither change nor prescribe curriculum policies.

Brian Caples, a Shasta County educator who challenges school principal Judy Flores in the June 2022 election.

Caples spent nearly thirty years as an educator, starting as a teacher’s assistant and making his way to becoming a superintendent.

Over the past two decades, he has worked in several school districts in the state, including the semi-tropical school district in Kern County and the school district of Palermo Union in Butte County, according to Transparent California, an online database of civil service compensation. His experience also includes brief work in the Scott Valley Unified School District in Siskia County and most recently in the Burnt Ranch School District in Trinity County.

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