Branding expert to serve as final speaker leading up to INNOVATE competition – Jagwire

Rachel Baker, brand leader of local advertising agency and creative firm Wier / Stewart, will speak at Augusta University at 3pm on March 8 in the University Hall, Room 170 on the Summerville campus.

Her presentation is open to all faculty, staff and students of Augusta University, but registration is required. Students can earn Paw Points for participating in the performance.

This event is the last of the three speakers presented before the INNOVATE 2022 competition on March 31, sponsored by the Center for Learning Innovation, the Presidential Administration and the Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

At the event, Baker will present how to impress the audience.

Baker is an interdisciplinary designer specializing in brand design, lettering, calligraphy and illustration. She is passionate about creating unique and exciting brands and impressions that impress customers and clients, and which in turn create passionate fans.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of New Mexico.

The INNOVATE competition, held annually at the University of Augusta for the past three years, encourages students to use their education, innovation and creativity to address pressing social issues. The competition strongly encourages interdisciplinary collaboration – that is, students working together from a variety of disciplines and colleges.

The theme of this year’s competition is solving public needs in CSRA. Important social problems at CSRA include homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, lack of paid jobs, high cost of child care, disposal difficulties, and lack of transportation.

The competition management recognizes that even the best ideas on how to solve these problems do not always succeed without the right presentation – hence the importance of Baker’s presentation.

“We often focus on what is behind our goal to provoke action. Rachel has such a wonderful impact on brand development and marketing motivation and we are so excited to have her impact on campus. It will be useful for students to learn from all our speakers how to connect the stories they tell about their decision, ”said Lincy Steinberg, a member of the INNOVATE 2022 steering group.

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