AARP Innovation Labs, Venture Miami announce finalists for ‘AgeTech’ competition

AARP Innovation Labs and Venture Miami have announced six finalists for the Connect & Thrive Pitch competition, which sought digital innovation to combat loneliness and social exclusion.

The finalists will present their AgeTech solutions at the Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami on March 9 to a jury consisting of the chairman of the AARP Board of Directors. Annette Frankiemanaging partner of Krillion Ventures Melissa Krinzman and co-founder of the Center for Black Innovation Derrick Pearson.

The winner of the people’s choice will receive a cash prize of $ 5,000, and the winner of the grand prize will receive $ 20,000. The winner will have the opportunity to be considered in the portfolio of startups AARP Innovation Labs; recognition and interview opportunities through Venture Miami; and the opportunity to meet with the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez for Cafecito Talk.

“Technical solutions can be crucial to reduce social exclusion among older people, from telemedicine visits to online shopping to virtual relationships with loved ones,” he said. Andy Miller, Senior Vice President, AARP Innovation Labs. “We look forward to how these innovative solutions can help further address the issue of social isolation and loneliness among older people.”

Suarez added: “We would like to congratulate the finalists on reaching the final stage of Connect & Thrive Pitch. We look forward to these inspiring innovators on March 9 after their success for many years to come. ”

Austin Birch, head of customer operations at Papa, a Miami-based company, will attend the event as keynote speaker and share with startup the experience of the company’s startup. Said AARP Jeanine Sua will serve as the host of the event and that Steve Greenberg will host a version of its gadget show on YouTube called «What the hell is that?”During the intermission of the Connect & Thrive contest.

Members of the public can Respond to online participation.


Mind and melodywhich uses interactive music programs with educational and therapeutic benefits for individuals with neurological impairments to improve quality of life.

An app for a collection of short storieswhich combines bedtime stories, music and relaxation techniques such as meditation and baby massage to help parents and grandparents spend quality time with their children at bedtime to improve emotional health and sleep.

Chatswhich creates virtual characters to engage isolated older people in conversation and interactive scenes to reduce feelings of loneliness, train the social and emotional brain and potentially slow the onset of mental decline.

RAZ Mobilitywhich offers mobile assistive technologies and services for people with disabilities, including the RAZ Memory mobile phone for the elderly with reduced cognitive abilities.

Vivowhich provides personalized learning in small groups online, which, unlike video or live broadcasts, is a live and interactive two-way experience that addresses the loss of strength and independence in older people.

Caution, which aims to reduce social isolation and promote independence through technical education. They do this by combining older people with teachers of technology known as “Carevocates”.

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