Trump’s Truth Social app launches on Apple App Store

Donald Trump’s new social media business Truth Social was launched late Sunday in the Apple App Store, potentially marking the former president’s return to social media after he was banned from using multiple platforms last year.

The app was available for download shortly before midnight on ET and was automatically downloaded to Apple Inc devices owned by users who pre-ordered the program. Some users reported having trouble registering an account, or were added to a waiting list with the message, “Due to high demand, we’ve put you on a waiting list.”

The app was available to people invited to use it in the testing phase, Reuters previously reported. Trump was banned on Twitter Inc, Facebook and YouTube by Alphabet Inc after his supporters attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, after he was accused of publishing messages inciting violence.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), backed by Truth Social, led by former Republican Representative Devin Nunes, is joining a growing portfolio of technology companies that position themselves as champions of free speech and hope to attract users who feel they are views are suppressed on more established platforms. So far, none of the new companies, including rivals Twitter Gettr and Parler and the video site Rumble, have come close to comparing in popularity with their main counterparts.

“This week we will start rolling out in the Apple App Store. It will be great because we are going to attract so many people to be on the platform,” Nunez said in a Sunday speech on Fox. News “Futures on Sunday morning with Maria Bartiroma”. “Our goal: I think we will achieve it, I think by the end of March we will be fully operational, at least within the United States,” he added.

The Truth Social app store page with detailed version history details revealed that the first publicly available version of the program, or version 1.0, was available the day before, according to a Reuters report. The current version 1.0.1 includes “bug fixes” as stated on the page. DRUM SUPPORT

On Friday, Nunez was in the app and urged users to keep track of more accounts, share photos and videos and engage in conversations, apparently trying to step up activity, according to a person who knows the case. Among Nunez’s messages, he welcomed a new user who appears to have been a Catholic priest, and encouraged him to invite more priests to join, according to a man who knows the matter.

Even as details of the app begin to leak, TMTG remains largely shrouded in secrecy and skeptical by some in technical and media circles. It is unclear, for example, how the company finances its current growth. TMTG plans to settle in New York through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) and receive $ 293 million in cash, which DWAC holds in trust, provided no DWAC shareholder repurchases its shares, the TMTG said in a statement. Press release October 21.

In addition, in December TMTG raised $ 1 billion in debt from private investors; this money will also not be available until the closing of the DWAC transaction. Digital World’s activities have come under close scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, according to a regulatory document, and the deal is likely to be a few months away.

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