Startup 5G, Ericsson’s innovation platform, announces AT&T to join it

On Monday, the Swedish manufacturer of mobile equipment Ericsson announced that the American telecommunications giant AT&T joined him 5G launch The program is an innovative 5G collaboration run by Ericsson’s in-house ConsumerLab that assists communications service providers (CSPs) in commercializing and monetizing 5G based on its extensive library of proprietary research on consumer behavior and trends. AT&T is the first US service provider to join the global program.

Launch Ericsson 5G is committed to helping CSPs by introducing them to the right consumer innovation campaigns, and by supporting the development of market entry strategies to address global $ 3.7 trillion business opportunities in the 5G consumer market by 2030. The CSP, which works with Startup 5G, is supported by Ericsson’s ConsumerLab research and analytical data, as well as exclusive access to its wider network of more than 40 5G startups worldwide.

Ericsson’s Startup 5G program supports the study and discovery of innovative opportunities in a variety of consumer segments and technologies, in areas such as Media, entertainment, games, sportsand education.

“AT&T customers are already reaping the benefits of our 5G network with high speed, low latency and high reliability. Now the network we have created is ready for a more social and exciting experience that will change the way we live, work and play, ”he said. Jay Carrievice president of AT&T, responsible for 5G products and innovation.

“With access to more than 40 global startups, the program offers AT&T a unique opportunity not only to use up-to-date consumer information from our Ericsson Research analytics platform, but also to connect with innovation partners to stay on top of their existing initiatives and programs.” He said Jasmine Sethihead of Ericsson Research’s ConsumerLab.

This project is the latest in a long history of cooperation between AT&T and Ericsson, including the development of public and private 5G networks.

“We are pleased that AT&T, with a long legacy of innovation in the mobile space, will join our Startup 5G program to deliver exciting new 5G applications and services to consumers,” he said. Rob Johnson, vice president and head of AT&T’s global customer division at Ericsson. “Our global industry knowledge, partner ecosystem and collaboration with service providers will help promote innovative 5G products that will open up new opportunities for consumers. We are happy to embark on this journey with AT&T. ”

In 2021, Ericsson published the world’s largest 5G consumer survey to date – Five ways to improve 5G – Obtaining opinions equivalent to 1.3 billion consumers and 220 million 5G users. The report shows that 5G is already starting to trigger new smartphone behaviors, and 5G users spend more time on cloud gaming and augmented reality (AR) compared to 4G users.

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