“We are excited to offer this unprecedented technology and marketing platform to our sales professionals and their customers,” he said. Mark Johnson, President, JPAR® – Real Estate. “The impressive growth of our brand compared to last year is due to the success of our agents, and these investments in them only increase their value to the consumer,” said Johnson.

The new technology platform includes the following components and more.

JPAR® is a kvCORE-based connectionA: This is still kvCORE, but given the culture, brand and experience of JPAR. The new JPAR – Connect app will be easy to transition for JPAR sales professionals. No need to upload new contacts, data will be there, and this includes product improvements and new features designed specifically to improve agent and consumer performance.

  • JPAR – Connect combines customer relationship management, lead generation, marketing, mls data and best-in-class lead generation kit in one easy-to-use platform.
  • The new technology package also includes predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and a unique mobile platform to keep agents in front of their customers on the ground.
  • The mobile experience allows agents to provide the value, transparency and speed of service required by today’s buyers and sellers throughout the lifecycle of a home.

“JPAR – Real Estate really stands out with its new set of technologies, JPAR – Connect, Powered by kvCORE,” – said Sean Roseman, Executive Vice President of Inside Real Estate Customer Success. “We are very proud and excited to support these industry-leading capabilities combined with the branded solution that is now available to JPAR sales professionals and their customers,” Roseman added.

CORE is present: This intuitive, streamlined presentation tool enables JPAR real estate sales professionals to quickly and easily create powerful branded presentations tailored to their clients, while positioning them as experienced experts. All of this uses real-time data to get valid information.

CORE Home: JPAR – Real Estate enables its agents to be ready for the “Battle of Tomorrow” as they strive to meet consumer demand for speed, transparency and value. To that end, JPAR – Real Estate will launch this year its Core Home web experience, which will be consumer-focused, delivering value throughout the lifecycle of home ownership in a user-friendly integrated program.

JPAR® – Universal Hub: The new modern intranet will have new navigation tools, an updated look and improved functionality so that JPAR – Real Estate sales professionals can be more productive as soon as they log in.

“The JPAR – Real Estate platform provides our brokers and sales professionals with best-in-class technology and marketing platforms designed to place the agent at the center of the deal,” he said. Derek Taylor, vice president of product development. “Technology has focused primarily on mobile communications to improve agents’ communication while bringing continuous value to their customers.”

About JPAR® – Real Estate: JPAR® – Real Estate and JPAR® franchising is a platform for brokerage services and a full-service franchise that offers a very competitive model based on transaction fees and an agent-oriented culture. The JPAR® platform provides agents with the support of brokers 7 days a week, the location of physical offices, a wide range of technologies and open architecture, the location of physical offices, marketing, lead generation, training, coaching, mentoring and healthcare agents. The company boasts more than 3,300 agents working in 65 offices in 25 states and closes more than $ 8 billion annually in sales.

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