Provo continues to be an innovation leader

(JESSOP ARC – JESOP JOURNEYS) Innovation. Thinking of a different way to solve the problem. Who may not know this, a large number of large companies with names that you know call Provo home.

According to Keith Mori of the Provo City Economic Development team, everything seemed to be focused back in the days of WordPerfect and Novell. This intellectual capital continues to this day in Provo fueled by two universities and a formula for success that continues to produce new products and services around the world.

My goal with Jessop’s Journeys is to find “People, places and things you might not know about.” Keith shared the following shortlist of innovative companies in Provo.

  • Vivint, Nu Skin, Qualtrics, Central Bank, UCCU
  • Vanderhall (the only car manufacturer in Utah)
  • Employees of Vivint 2000+ Provo
  • Staff Nu Skin 1600 Provo
  • Employees Qualtrics 1200+ based on Provo
  • BYU 4100 full-time employees
  • Provo 700 full time; up to 700 part-time

There are more than 20,000 communities in America. While many are thriving, others are struggling. Provo City sets the city standard not only at the local but also at the national level, as evidenced by the name of the city in 2001. The best city.

So what’s the secret sauce that has Discovered, which earned them the nickname “Utah County Central Business District?”

City officials call it the “Provo Advantage”. What don’t you know about Provo? You can sign up for the monthly email newsletter at to find out.


Everyone has a story. I feel it strongly “Stories have power”. Chances are, if you’re going through something, it’s probably someone else’s as well. A shared experience that we humans can help each other with. That my friend makes a point of that story “Help us understand each other.”

You don’t have to agree with everyone, but in my opinion, if people needed more time to learn more about others and where they come from, we might just find that we have more similarities than differences.

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With another entry in “Jessup’s Journey,” “People, Places, and Things You Couldn’t Know,” I’m Jessup’s Doug.

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