Noon – Innovative Yangpu’s ‘relaxation’ and ‘gallop’

South is the hottest time of the day. Using words to describe a moment is passionate, or enthusiasm, or love … a series of words full of passion. The “Four Functional Zones” – Grand InnoSpace +, Grand Innovation Valley, Changyang Hub and Central Tongji – are prominent in Yanpu. Come and see the atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship during the afternoon coffee break.

Qi Gong

Changyang Show Belt New Economic Ecological Park.

At noon on the Changyang campus, the warm sun sets on the open lawn. Young people leave the offices, sit at the kiosk to relax or talk over coffee breaks. Brainstorming over lunch or a cup of coffee can sow the seeds of innovation.

Innovation is the source of Yangpa’s development. As a national demonstration base for innovation and entrepreneurship, a key platform for Shanghai’s ambitions to become a science and innovation hub and a pilot area for China’s “Science and Innovation”, Yangpu focuses on integrated innovation, such as industry / university cooperation. ; coordination of large and medium-sized enterprises and interregional development; five types of economy are actively developing (innovative, service-oriented, open, with headquarters and flow); accelerating the formation of three industrial clusters worth 100 billion yuan (US $ 15.78 billion) for the new online economy; modern design and intelligent production; and accelerating transformation and modernization from the “family of modern national industry” to the “first choice of the new economy industry on the Internet”.

The speed of innovation is emphasized in the development of Yangpu. The map of innovation and entrepreneurship is gradually unfolding from east to west.

Yangpu is using a strategic opportunity to develop the digital economy by allocating nearly 60 percent of the land in the Binjiang area for the construction of the new Changyang Show Belt Economic Ecological Park.

At the eastern end of the southern part of Binjiang will be built an exhibition park of the new economy on the Internet. The central northern part of Binjiang will accelerate the transformation and modernization of the traditional manufacturing industry, create a research and innovation park of the new network economy, and accelerate the transformation of the new economy on the Internet from growth to a new industrial “pole of growth.”

In the future, a number of leading enterprises, such as Meituan, bilibili and ByteDance, will open a workshop in Binjiang.

Further east the Grand Innovation Valley aims to become a world-class innovation valley.

In the future, Yangpu will accelerate the construction of Phase I and Phase IV of the Changyang campus; create a dynamic “mass entrepreneurship and innovative environmental community”; cultivate innovative enterprises; and shape industrial planning with segmentation, differentiation, and additional benefits.

In western Yanpu, Central Tongji is pursuing a new round of comprehensive cooperation between universities and Yanpu – with the modern design industry as the main body and strategically developing industries taking the initiative – to build an industrial development model with international competitiveness and continuously increase Central Tongji “.

Yanpu’s business environment is the essence of “relaxation”. The construction of an all-in-one online platform continues to be deepened to comprehensively expand access to public services, as well as to promote the integration of public service information systems and mobile applications to improve the business environment.

Yanpu has launched “one integrated license”, “one integrated QR code” and comprehensive legal services, and has expanded company registration to bank cash desks across the county.

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