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The new Case IH Patriot 50 series offers the latest spray technology and connectivity options.

The Case IH Patriot sprayer has been a fixture of many Australian agricultural work for more than two decades, and now local customers are about to learn about the latest Case IH application technology, the new Patriot 50 series.

The Patriot has undergone a complete overhaul to increase operator efficiency and comfort, as well as improved connectivity and remote control capabilities.

“This is an exciting extension of our line of self-propelled equipment for use with three new models – the Patriot 3250, 4350 and 4450,” said Jason Wood of Case.

“It was a comprehensive redesign of one of our flagship models, and the benefits are obvious from the first time you sit in the cab: more comfortable driving, complete control of the car and technological features first offered by the Patriot.”

Patriot’s famous AIM Command spray technology has been re-enhanced in the new Patriot series, with the ability to add AIM Command FLEX II, offering six modes of operation for greater accuracy and control of chemical application rates, pressure and droplet size and Individual nozzle on / off control increase accuracy.

Jason said the unique MultiControl armrest layout, which is available in modern Steiger and Magnum tractor models and is popular with operators, is now also a feature of the Patriot 50 Series sprayers, providing an advantage in the commonly used controls at the operators’ hands.

Other features include:

  • Quiet, comfortable interior with lots of glass for maximum, unlimited visibility, designed to increase operator performance.
  • Excellent ride quality, stability and control with a four-lever chassis suspension system.
  • A set of technology solutions capable of wireless file transfer, sharing leadership lines, creating recipe maps, fleet management, data sharing and product control.
  • Strong, sturdy bars with a bar suspension design that helps provide a stable platform for product application.
  • Built-in automatic boom height control AutoBoom XRT, which detects and accepts changes in the terrain, ensuring accuracy and efficiency of coverage.
  • The new design of the central section minimizes the yaw of the bar in difficult conditions – even with longer boom options.
  • The AFS Vector Pro receiver provides a reliable and consistent position with terrain compensation and helps operators quickly identify guidance lines. It is also compatible with the optional AutoTurn auto-rotate feature.
  • Two customizable displays – AFS Pro 1200 and Viper 4+ – ensure that operators always have optimal control of the vehicle and product, as well as the ability to see what they want when they want.
  • The tank capacity is 6057 liters (model 4450), 4542 liters (4350) and 3785 liters (3250).
  • For ease of maintenance, everything is within reach with a central service center located in one stop, an exclusive tip washing station, ground-level connections and an open architecture design.
  • Increased transportation speed to 59.5 km / h (Patriot 4350 and 4450) to increase productivity.

Currently in the Case IH line of tractors, AFS Connect is offered at Patriot, providing unrivaled solutions for connectivity, guidance, data and monitoring for any job.

Each Patriot 50 Series sprayer comes with a modem compatible with AFS Connect and a five-year subscription from the factory.

“With AFS Connect, operators can, for example, view and store their app maps from season to season or track machine location, settings and progress during work to help with task planning,” Jason said.

“There are so many options and opportunities for any type and size of agricultural business.”

Jason said the priority during the development of the new Patriot series was to help customers maximize revenue potential and better manage narrow application windows.

“We’re sure we’ve achieved this with the 50 Series while retaining tried and tested features such as front cab / rear engine design that works so well but then adding and reworking where necessary to ensure the highest levels of spray accuracy and efficiency. as well as offering industry-leading connectivity and remote control capabilities. ”

Contact your local Case IH dealer for more information on the new Patriot series.

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