‘It all comes down to education and infrastructure we need now’

Friday’s annual State Eggs & Issues breakfast, moderated by Alliance President Mori Will Evans, focused on key General Assembly topics such as educational initiatives and funding infrastructure at Beer Creek Pike.

The group included representatives of Scott Sepica, R-Kalleoka, and Michael Curcio, R-Dixon, and State Senator Joey Hensley, R-Hohenwald.

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Of all the topics covered, education was at the center of the discussion.

Lawmakers discussed bills that would increase teachers’ salaries by revising the Basic Education Plan, the state formula that distributes education across school districts, and funding a new science building at Columbia State Public College.

Heads of cities and counties, owners of local businesses and citizens participate in the annual breakfast

“As you know, the whole problem of education is very close and dear to my heart. Education affects everything in Tennessee,” said Chepiki.

“From TennCare people, drug and alcohol addiction, teenage pregnancy, imprisonment, opportunities for future advancement. It’s all about education. Many of the woes we face in Tennessee could be saved and prevented by good investments at the forefront. ”

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