Insular Life Leverages the OutSystems Platform to Drive Innovation Excellence

MANILA, Philippines, February 21, 2022 / PRNewswire / – In a pandemic that disrupts business continuity in the insurance industry and the need to accelerate digitalization, Outsystems, a leading modern application platform, and InSular Life (InLife), the first and largest Philippine life insurance company, have joined forces. InLife. low-code Outsystems platforms for fast delivery of flexible enterprise-level digital solutions as part of their business functions.

InLife Chief Technology Officer Gwendalin Kelly who led InLife’s digital transformation efforts, especially its collaboration with OutSystems, was also recognized as one of the 2021 ASEAN CIO75 IDGs. For the third year in a row, the awards program celebrates best practices in digital transformation and innovation across the region. The winners were evaluated on key pillars of innovation and leadership, honoring transformational, inspiring and sustainable CIOs both domestically and regionally within Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

According to KPMG global survey In 2021, more than a third of insurance executives believe the pandemic has forever and fundamentally changed their business. The need for digital transformation in the insurance industry has emerged because it has traditionally depended on personal contacts with customers. Critical regulatory processes, such as compliance requirements, also required personal interaction for identity verification, training, and certification.

To continue to serve about 300,000 Filipino customers under pandemic constraints, InLife has turned to the OutSystems platform to rapidly develop digital applications as some physical processes have become impossible. These include an e-licensing app integrated with multiple systems, COMPASS, a mobile app for independent financial advisors to monitor their business and sales goals, and a customer suitability assessment that digitizes the old paper KYC (identify your customer) process. The latter was delivered in just three weeks by two developers, thanks to the OutSystems platform.

From customer solutions to in-house applications that increase agent efficiency, speed, and ease of use, OutSystems has helped InLife launch 12 applications in a timeframe that would require five times as many developers as manual coding.

“OutSystems is proud to have supported InLife in their journey of digital transformation,” said Mark Wieser, vice president of APAC OutSystems. “While the pandemic has forced many insurers to adapt, it has opened up new opportunities for those who are able to respond quickly to changing market demands. As the region’s leading low-end platform, we have always helped our customers innovate quickly while providing scalability, reliability and security. We sincerely congratulate InLife on their achievements and look forward to helping more customers, such as InLife, move into the digital transformation of the post – pandemic era. “

InLife Chief Technology Officer Gwendalin Kelly, meanwhile reaffirms InLife ‘s commitment to digital transformation as one of its long – term goals. Under her leadership, more than 100 employees have been trained to use approved low-code automation platforms and robotic processes, including OutSystems, to promote a culture of innovation in InLife.

“Digital transformation has always been a priority at InLife, where we advocate a flexible approach to the struggle to engage better collaboration between business and IT teams,” Kelly said. “This approach has also paved the way for getting buy-ins to use the OutSystems platform to digitize our processes with a faster and more modern approach to application development at a time when every organization is facing a shortage of developer talent. Our collaboration with OutSystems has been helping us adapt. faster than many of our industry colleagues, and we look forward to seeing what other innovative opportunities our future partnership will bring. ”

InLife continues to use the low code OutSystems platform for increasingly strategic projects. The insurer has launched its new cross-platform customer portal, user-friendly for mobile devices, called “TRIBOS”. January 2022. TRIBOS, available as a progressive web application, provides policyholders with faster and more convenient access to their account information anytime, anywhere.

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