India, France to enhance cooperation on marine science, technology

India and France will expand scientific cooperation in marine science and technology, as well as exchange students and researchers to monitor, protect and sustainably use marine living and non-living resources, as well as the biological capacity of the seas and oceans. The two countries have agreed on a roadmap for the blue economy and ocean governance. India and France intend to use the blue economy while respecting the environment, coastal and marine biodiversity, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The agreement between India and France was signed during a three-day visit to France by Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. Both countries are committed to contributing to the scientific knowledge and conservation of the ocean, while ensuring that the ocean remains a global common, space of freedom and trade based on the rule of law, the MEA added in a statement.

Areas of enhanced cooperation will include physical and spatial oceanography, environmental impact research, marine pollution control, knowledge and conservation of biodiversity and marine ecosystems and services, genetic biodiversity mapping, meta-inventory, fishing, stock improvement, ocean observation, marine meteorology, deepwater research technology, oceanarium technology or underwater tile laboratory, on-site observations of marine organisms and marine energy. In addition, the MEA said that studying the cumulative effects of many stressors on the marine environment, including ocean acidity, pollution and extreme weather events, coastal risks and sustainability, could also foster scientific cooperation between India and France in the blue economy. and ocean governance.

Cooperation is envisaged between ocean forecasting operational centers in India (e.g. INCOIS) and France (e.g. IFREMER) for ocean observations, ocean modeling and forecasting, and related capacity building. The MEA also said that India and France will remain fully committed to the Knowledge Summit, which is periodically organized by the two countries to promote bilateral scientific cooperation. The Science Department of the French Embassy in India and the Ministry of Earth Sciences of India will be the contact points to lay the groundwork for a seminar on marine science during the Knowledge Summit.

France has also expressed interest in sending a team of expert scientists to India to meet India’s major oceanographic institutes, including the Indian National Oceanic Information Center (INCOIS), the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) and the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO). sustainable coastal zone management. IFREMER, the French National Institute of Ocean Science and Technology and the Ministry of Earth Science of India have initiated contacts to deepen the capacity of cooperation, including as part of the Deep Ocean mission.

The MEA also noted that India and France satisfactorily noted the launch of the university and scientific cooperation program GOAT (Goa Atlantic Cooperation in Marine Science and Technology), which was signed in Brest on January 20, 2020 between French actors “Campus mondial de la mer” and Indian Institute of Technology, Goa. The two countries will support the introduction of GOAT and promote the issuance of visas to students and researchers involved to encourage student mobility in the blue economy and marine science and technology sectors. They also called for the development of partnerships between higher education institutions.

In order to encourage scientific partnerships in the marine sciences, the French Embassy in India will seek, starting in 2022, to provide five scholarships for student mobility in this field. India will facilitate the administrative aspects of implementing such partnerships. India and France will seek private funding to set up a research and development center to support joint projects and will seek to stimulate and support blue economy and ocean knowledge projects under the Indo-French Center for Advanced Research (CEFIPRA / IFCPAR).

Jaishankar began his visit to France on Sunday. On February 22, he will take part in the EU Ministerial Forum on Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region amid China’s persistence in the region, which will be initiated by the French presidency of the European Council. (ANI)

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