Embracing Tech Innovation Through Data Center Network Monitoring

As the design of the data center developed, so did the network that supported it. Today’s network of data centers is software-defined, convergent and automated. (Source: Park Place Technologies)

A new official paper from Park Place Technologies explores how monitoring data center networks enables IT to embrace innovation.

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The way businesses manage their data has changed tremendously over time. Gone are the days when servers were located in a corporate office, with all the IT assets in the territory. As the cost of data connections decreased, more and more of this data was transferred first to the sharing environment and then to cloud or hybrid data centers. According to Park Place technology, “suddenly the company’s network was closer to the public network than to the traditional corporate network.”

According to their new White Paper, digital transformation is a key driver of change in the industry, and that “software is largely a catalyst that enables digital transformation and disrupts every industry because IT now has the power to do so. that was simply impossible without equipment in the past ”.

The authors discuss how peripheral computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), microservices, hybrid IT, and SD-Wan have changed the face of modern IT, as well as the network of data centers that support them.

“There should be controls to support new infrastructure and network components, as well as to ensure availability and performance for the consumption model under consideration. Simply put, network monitoring is a means to accelerate and deploy new technologies. ” – Park Place Technologies, “Network Monitoring: The Key to Creating a Visibility Data Center and Adopting New Technologies”

Park Place notes that “today’s network of data centers is software-defined, convergent, and automated,” and the network that supports it must also evolve. According to the authors, network monitoring paves the way for the prosperity of these new software technologies. Through network monitoring, IT teams can refine capacity and performance, as well as ensure the successful delivery of new technologies. For this reason, the authors call on technicians to view network monitoring as “rich opportunities for innovation and advancement”.

According to Park Place, “the bottom line is that the only way to coherently and securely adopt new technologies is through strong network monitoring and management.”

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