Colony Nabs Andy Taylor For Senior Innovation & Strategy Role

Colony Communications Agency announced today that Andy Taylor will join Australian Operations as the new Director of Innovation and Strategy.

Taylor (pictured) brings international management experience to this new position at Exco, creating and managing a fast-growing advisory department team.

“When I first spoke to Matt McCarthy and Caitlin Woolley (co-founders of the agency), they outlined Colony’s strategic advisory approach,” Taylor said.

“It simply came to my notice then. This is a significant and key point of difference from large networks of agencies, which was my main advantage.

“The vision, market positioning and customer passion at Colony are unlike any of what I’ve seen before. The culture and potential of advising clients is refreshingly unique. ”

He added: “Ideas and innovation are our currency in Colony. Our creators are passionate about their work, and our client partners are making them a part of our daily lives.

“This enthusiasm will work so well with a strategic focus on customer attention. This is an exciting thing.

“I have always embraced change and technology. But just because it’s new and shiny doesn’t mean it will work. I will never stand for innovation for the sake of innovation. “

Now Taylor plans to use the agency’s unique position in the media.

“The colony is completely independent. I intend to keep it that way. We will not work with any agreements with media partners that guide clients in areas that primarily satisfy the agency’s earning potential. ”

Taylor’s career began in the UK at a full-service media agency, Hakuhudo, and ended as a media director after eight years of work.

He then joined Aegis UK as National Investment Director and Head of eBay across Europe. Five years later, he moved to New Zealand and joined OMD, the largest media agency, as chief investment officer.

In 2015, Taylor joined Publicis Media AU as the country’s chief investment officer, managing a market share of more than $ 1.4 billion.

Colony co-founder Matt McCarthy said Taylor’s experience and leadership will give a global perspective.

“Andy leads a team that finds opportunities in rapid change and technological change,” he added.

“Our people will never be lacking in understanding, ideas, passion and determination. And Andy will keep us all moving towards one goal – a brilliant, productive partnership with our customers. ”

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