Beijer Electronics : launches BCS Tool 3.34

We are proud to present a new version of BCS Tools 3.34, a software platform based on CODESYS for the development of all controllers and PLCs in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

Based on the market-leading software CODESYS 3.5, the development platform combines classic controller application programming with the ability to professionally develop software for automation devices in IIOT and Industry 4.0 environments.

New features in BCS Tools 3.34 include:

  • Added the minimum required firmware verification procedure for X2, BoX2 and PIO purposes.

  • Added a new notification window to notify the user when a new version is available for download.

  • Added rules that allow you to add only PLC-compatible devices.

  • Added new Create POU command from template.

  • Added new PIO goals:

    • PIO GL-9973.

    • PIO GL-9974.

    • PIO GL-9975.

  • Added new wizard features:

    • A list box to classify devices when creating a project.

    • Fieldbus wizard configuration (protocol + subordinate + number of subordinates).

    • Added start and stop system events to the project template.

  • MODBUS symbol:

    • The MODBUS client / server does not support ambiguous variables.

    • Fixed a bug where integrated I / O tags did not work with Modbus.

    • Fixed an exception in the PLC when changing the size of the array displayed in MODBUS.

  • Project update:

    • New user interface.

    • Display the correct version.

    • The Project Environment window has been removed.

    • Added LAN port name update for Ethernet and EtherCAT devices when upgrading projects created in previous versions to HMI X2.

    • Fixed behavior that caused the project to crash when updated without prior compliance.

    • Fixed an invalid version format bug when upgrading X2 devices with Ethercat subordinates.

  • Reduced CPU power consumption when logged on.

Fixes and updates:

  • Fixed the behavior of a window that did not close during code generation.

  • Fixed the behavior of a wizard that incorrectly displayed Ethernet interface options.

  • Fixed Modbus TCP Slave configuration tabs that were not displayed.

  • Fixed shutdown in case of loss of connection to the PLC.

  • Fixed compilation error when using ECU J1939 in projects with X2 modules.

  • Fixed gateway conflict message with other gateways already installed.

  • Fixed incorrect channel text and descriptions on the integrated I / O page.

  • Fixed S and N keyboard shortcuts for Portuguese write and coercion dialogues.

  • Fixed incorrect addition of GVL IoQualities and Modules_Diagnostic when opening a project created in previous versions.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Maintask interval to exceed 100 ms in projects with machine profile.

  • Fixed a lack of .DLL, which causes problems in the Trace object of previous versions.

  • The “Enable storage and persistent variables in function blocks” box has been removed from the CPU settings page.

  • Removed the “Scan devices” command for PROFIBUS devices.

  • Removed the software license update window at startup.

  • Remote access to launcher settings.

BCS Tools in brief:

  • Development, debugging, configuration, modeling and commissioning in one software.

  • Based on CODESYS 3.5 IEC 61131-3 programming with all editors (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, CFC).

  • Available in four versions – Lite, Basic, Professional and Advanced.

BCS Tools includes many handy features for programming and configuring automation projects and contains fully integrated internal features such as compilers, debuggers, and trace variables. Using BCS Tools, the application can be developed, tested and commissioned without additional tools.

One software. Endless possibilities.

Learn more about BCS tools.

Click here to visit Smartstore, download BCS Tools 3.34 and try the software.


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