Arborist education getting back on track

With the reduction in panic over current social conditions, one of the side effects is that there is now a lot more personal learning than there was, say, a year or so ago.

This is partly due to the fact that organizations are trying to return everything to normal. However, and I find it quite amusing, it is largely driven by members of these organizations. What is happening (as I see it) is that these organizations have found that they have many members who are not keen on online education and insist on personal lessons.

The reason I find it so amusing is that when it all started a couple of years ago, these organizations that I mean, and many like them, told their members that in the future it will all be online -seminars, period. Because continuing membership requires a certain number of hours of continuing education (CEU), everyone had to worship the new system or lose membership.

For those of us who didn’t like it, the answers when we complained ranged from “tough” (not so worded, but that’s what they meant) to “What, you want to be a superdistributor”?

As it turned out, there seemed to be enough people like me who declined to participate but clearly expressed their views on online webinars and continuing membership to get someone’s attention.

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