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JAMMU, Feb. 19: LG Electronics today announced the launch of the 2022 range of air conditioners with dual AI inverters. The latest series of artificial intelligence air conditioners will come with multiple built-in sensors and excellent dual rotary compressor technology at different speeds to provide better cooling.
The new LG 2022 line, available with all the technical advances, providing the best smart technology and energy savings in attractive floral designs and wave patterns, consists of 57 split ACs and 4 window converters.
LG’s latest line of air conditioners is designed to provide convenience and improve consumer health while being energy efficient.
With an increasing focus on health and well-being LG has also doubled its focus on healthy living and hygiene. The LG 2022 range of air conditioners is equipped with a virus protection filter. Coated with cationic silver, the filter inactivates up to 99% of viruses and bacteria and removes harmful substances such as pollen from the air. These new air conditioners will complement the existing range of air conditioners with features such as UV nano and air purification. LG has also introduced a range of UV envelopes with Wi-Fi (Thin Q), hot and cold AC with Super Convertible 5in1, Window Inverter AC with Convertible 4-in-1 features.
LG has taken consumer convenience to the next level with LG ThinQ technology, which allows users to manage and control AC anytime and from anywhere using the app on their phone. LG ThinQ offers compatibility with Smart App, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant AI Speakers & Apps, which is available in split and window AC inverters. In addition to controls, consumers can also receive notification about filter cleaning and control multiple appliances through LG’s smart ThinQ.
Commenting on the launch, Deepak Bansal, vice president of home appliances and air conditioners, said: “Given climate change and harsher seasons, energy efficiency, performance and hygiene are among the key considerations among our consumers today when they buy air conditioners. The latest air conditioners, designed in an elegant way, are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also extremely energy efficient and durable.
The head of Kulbhushan Bhardwaj-Business Head-Conditioners said that this year in many parts of the country is projected hot summer, which increased demand for energy-efficient air conditioners. Our new line of 2022 air conditioners is equipped with advanced features such as the AI ​​Convertible 6-in-1 range, which offers the flexibility to increase or decrease the cooling capacity as required.

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