Aldenham Education Group Brings Current UK Prep School Head, Vicky Gocher, to Riyadh as Founding Head

Oldenham Riyadh will be the first branch of the UK’s independent school to be managed and integrated by the owner. Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 20, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Aldenham Education Group (Aldenham) is pleased to announce what it brings Vicki Gocherthe current head of Aldenham Prep in the UK to Riyadh serves as the founding head of Riyadh’s new Aldenham Prep Saudi Arabia. Leading, inspiring and educating Oldenham students and faculty in the UK for more than a decade, Goher’s appointment as founding leader will ensure a new Riyadh the school is built on the same foundations, principles and spirit as Oldenham in the UK. Opening in September 2022Aldenham Prep Riyadh will cater for children aged 3 to 11 and will be the first owner-run, truly integrated branch of the UK’s renowned independent school Riyadh and the larger GCC region. Announcements for Oldenham High School will appear later this year.

Aldenham Education Group brings the current head of the UK Preparatory School, Vicki Gocher, to Riyadh as the founding head

Oldenham’s institution embodies both the best of eternal traditions and universal values, as well as a well-established history of a far-sighted spirit that distinguishes it from its counterparts. Central to Oldenham’s progressive approach is the far-sighted and pioneering development of a comprehensive educational program and culture that views education as a holistic individual, where learning is a lifelong endeavor that never ceases after graduation. Oldenham is a leader in something Albert Einstein stated that “the value of education is not in learning the facts, but in teaching the mind to think.”

As Aldenham Prep’s current head of the UK since 2011, Gocher will move to Saudi Arabia to bring Oldenham’s 425-year history, culture and traditions into all aspects of the new school. Unlike the popular franchise model, all of Oldenham’s schools Riyadh will be directly run by a British mother school, enabling school leaders, staff, students and parents to enjoy the same activities, tasks and curriculum as in the UK.

Prior to joining Oldenham, Gocher was Deputy Head of Caterham Prep School, a leading full-time collaborative school, and received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation from University of Warwick. She is also a member of the Board of the Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS), representing world-class principals, leading exceptional schools that provide excellent standards of education and care, she is also a member of the IAPS Membership Committee. Her collegial approach to leadership has allowed Gocher to cultivate ambition, energy and loyalty on the part of her other teachers, who pass on to Oldenham’s students in the classroom a trait she will undoubtedly bring to her new role in Aldenham Prep Riyadh.

Due to emigration to the region before starting his new role in September 2022Goher shares his passion for the foundation Riyadh school: “I am very happy to come Saudi Arabia as the founding head of the Aldenham Preparatory School in Riyadh, after 10 years he headed the Aldenham Preparatory School in the UK. It is a real privilege to run Oldenham’s first school in the region, and I look forward to bringing our wonderful British educational experience to young Saudis and expatriates. In my many years of experience, it has been proven time and time again that Oldenham’s comprehensive approach to education for all ages means that children enjoy learning. If a child joins us in Aldenham Prep Riyadh, they will become part of a family that supports and nurtures them in every way possible ”.

In the UK the Aldenham Prep has grown and thrived for ten years under Gocher. As supervisor, she oversaw the opening of Button Field, a fully equipped three-hectare sports facility, as well as a new purpose-built preparatory school building. Vincent House. Since joining Oldenham, she has received Artsmark Silver Accreditation, the only creative quality standard for schools and educational institutions accredited by the Arts Council of England, and the status of the Green Flag Green School, which recognizes, rewards and celebrates their environmental achievements. protection of the planet. Under Gocher’s excellent guidance, the students achieve high achievements thanks to the confidence she has instilled in them to be themselves and happy to solve problems – and the same will be true for future students of Aldenham Prep Riyadh.

A pioneer in providing a comprehensive education in the group, Oldenham understands that in order to succeed in their studies, children need to be educated in all respects. In Aldenham Prep Riyadh the approach will be no different. Young Saudis and student-immigrant students will develop the same abilities and mentality to “learn to learn,” which will give them the skills they need to make long-term careers in the future.

A comprehensive approach is something that Gocher is very familiar with and happy to give to children Riyadh: “I always try to expand the curriculum without reducing the required depth of knowledge. I also believe that although a lot of learning takes place in the classroom, there is a lot that can only be taught outside of it. A holistic comprehensive approach to learning That’s why I’ve given energy and focus to the school grounds, and expanded the range of residential trips and educational visits to make sure our students are learning holistically.The same will apply to Aldenham Prep Riyadh where we will always make the most of opportunities for children. to experience and learn in every way ”.

In the UK, Oldenham is listed as one of the oldest continuously operating schools in the world, existing on the same site in North London since its founding in 1597, which describes the leadership of the Good Schools “The heart of the spiritual home of the UK’s (elite) secondary schools, where Oldenham stands out.” Oldenham is also a member of the Conference of Principals and Principals (HMC), the world association of principals of 361 leading independent schools.

Alec Nejadmanaging partner of Aldenham Education Group, commented on the new appointment: “As Aldenham Prep’s head of the UK for the last decade, I can say with confidence that Vicky’s unconventional thinking inspires all children and staff. I have no doubt she will inspire new students and staff of Aldenham Prep Riyadh too.

After many conversations with parents in the region, I know that there is a deep desire to connect with a high-quality independent UK brand, not only in name but also for real integration with the home school in the homeland. This is exactly what Aldenham Education Group is proud of for the first time in CSR and the GCC region.

At our core is the belief that our model is truly changing the game compared to traditional franchise schools, and we are proud that KSA became the first country in the region to adopt this unique model. We are also incredibly proud to be helping to advance the far-sighted development of the Kingdom led by His Majesty and the Crown Prince to become a pioneer in transforming the educational landscape for CSR citizens. Oldenham Riyadh will help immigrants feel strongly confident in the future of their children, and quality education is a key requirement for a growing number of families interested in migrating to this wonderful country. ”

Another managing partner of Aldenham Education Group, Shahram Hashemiadded: “We are honored that such an outstanding leader as Vicky brings his knowledge, experience and passion Saudi Arabia young minds. Oldenham has for centuries been committed to helping students perfectly through the comprehensive education that Vicky embodies in her approach and is sure to bring in Riyadh to provide a truly integrated experience with Aldenham in the UK. The young Saudis and emigrants were lucky to be led to success by an experienced leader. ”

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Aldenham Education Group:

The Aldenham Education Group (Aldenham or AEG) is the exclusive commercial division of the Aldenham Foundation, which manages all international expansion efforts. Founded in 1597, Oldenham is steeped in history with 425 years of academic success, embodying both the best eternal traditions and universal values, as well as a documented history of far-sighted culture that set it apart from its counterparts.

Oldenham’s approach, developed long before its recent recognition as an industry best practice, is a far-sighted development of a comprehensive curriculum based on the belief that education is a whole person. Oldenham believes that learning is a lifelong work that gives each student the ability and mood to “learn to learn.” Instead of subscribing to a franchise model popular with some of the UK’s other well-known independent schools, when expanding overseas Oldenham gives priority to setting up schools that are fully integrated and directly managed by the UK’s parent school. Every new school is a school in Oldenham through and through, imbued with the same 425-year-old culture and traditions. By serving students between the ages of 2 and 18, AEG from start to finish creates a supportive environment that helps ensure that British students can take their future and career with them.

Led by managing partners Shahram Hashemi and Alec Nejad, AEG’s business model is thorough in its approach to identifying, analyzing, verifying, funding, developing and operating new schools (like projects with zero or old affiliates). As a comprehensive educational program, AEG is actively involved in the acquisition of existing schools, from preschool to sixth grade, managing third-party schools, and considering investing in educational technology or other operating companies related to education.

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