AI technology is embedded into these public furniture pieces so residents can digitally interact with their city

Futian is a collection of smart city furniture with built-in AI technology that allows residents to interact with their city more than ever before.

Urban infrastructure and public furniture help to identify the city. In New York, charging hubs with Wi-Fi support allow tourists to re-calibrate before jumping back into the crowd. Then on the cobbled streets of Paris are usually autonomous public toilets that offer assistance to both non-residents and tourists.

Designer: inDare Innovation

Depending on the most pressing needs of the city, public furniture will change. In an effort to transform Shenzhen City into a brand identity, inDare Innovation Studio has created a collection of intelligent urban furniture called Futian to help better identify and respond to the needs of Shenzhen residents.

Futian represents inDare’s goal of creating “a world-leading model city that is smart, human-centered and sustainable”. Each component of the Futian collection comes with built-in artificial intelligence technology that allows users to interact with its interface to learn more about the city and everyday conditions such as weather and traffic.

The most interactive of Futian furniture items is the 24/7 Smart Services module, which looks like a touch screen kiosk that allows users to learn about traffic, weather and safety issues, and connects citizens to customizable services such as GPS . Other components lean more towards minimalism than towards smart technologies.

Take a modular street lamp that separates an ordinary street lamp into its most basic housing. The street lamp primarily serves as overhead lighting on dark streets, but it is also equipped with features such as 5G microstations and climate monitors.

Then, atmospheric park lights are strictly designed to provide ambient lighting for citizens to safely use the parks at night.

The last two parts of the Futian collection find accessibility thanks to comfort. The park bench is covered with a wooden surface that radiates heat for all city residents. InDare especially hoped to create a city bench, which could be used even by non-residents of the city, abandoning cold steel with partitions from conventional city benches.

Finally, a pair of convenient garbage containers trades in the process of removing the lock and key on a tilt mechanism that allows city health workers to remove debris in one go.

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