This Cool Tech Innovation Could Have Huge Market Potential

We live in an era of amazing innovation, and this creates many exciting opportunities for both investors and consumers. In this segment c Backstage pass recorded on January 7Fool members Rachel Warren and Toby Bordellon are discussing one particularly exciting technology demonstrated at CES 2022.

Toby Bardelon: As for devices, last week we had an exhibition of consumer electronics. I know the guys talked about it yesterday in the show. But I also wanted to take a look at it because so many interesting things come out of it from time to time.

Lower key. You’ve had a lot of big companies that have given up on this, which has led to this because of the Omicron surge, attendance is lower than usual as far as I understand, but there were some interesting things on display, some really cool stuff.

So my question to you guys is, have you seen a specific product or technology from CES that really interested you? It can be both in terms of investment and simple, it’s very cool and I love it in terms of. So anyway you want to go with this, what do you think, Rachel?

Rachel Warren: Yes, it was interesting because it wasn’t an exhibition that I usually watch very closely, but then you brought up the subject and I did a little research and I said, “Wow, that’s so cool”. One of the things that caught my eye in terms of the product, one of the products that seemed to cause the most excitement, were the smart glasses.

I saw this interesting article on CNET, and it talked about the biggest trends that will appear at CES, and it said, “In 2022, smart glasses may have a moment for the iPad.” “CES 2022 has seen a tidal wave of AD announcements, virtual reality and the metaworld,” the article reads.

The article also noted that “TCL presented both its vision of future AR smart glasses and NXTwear Air glasses, which work as an external display, which is equivalent to watching a 140-inch TV. “The article also noted that”Panasonic showed off a pair of $ 900 Steam VR goggles with a steampunk look … Metaverse has become the hottest and most ridiculous buzzword at CES 2022. ”The article also noted that“ expect much more hype around AR points this year, despite The fact that the products released are likely to be a little more than clumsy prototypes. ”

It seems that there are many opportunities to be very helpful for people who wear them for better performance at work. But it’s also an area that I was amazed at how big this market is, this aspect of the technology market.

I found the report, I estimate that back in 2018 the global smart glasses technology market was valued at about $ 5.8 billion, and is expected to reach a combined annual growth of about 40 percent between 2019 and 2027.

I found another interesting article about the TCL smart glasses they are working on, on this site called, it said that “1080 micro-OLED displays are designed to look and feel like a personal 140-inch monitor when wearing glasses, and have been improved ‘from previous generations.

Then, apparently, “new wearable display glasses connect to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop compatible with DisplayPort, and provide spatial audio through speakers installed in your hands,” and you can connect wired or Bluetooth headphones.

I’m not sure how many people will buy them if it could be something that companies buy to improve efficiency and productivity with employees and in certain areas. But it’s interesting. Also, I was fascinated by the concept of possibly having smart glasses that you can talk to, like with Siri on the phone, I don’t know.

It’s an amazing and cosmic age, I feel like it’s something we can see on the matrix, but I also feel like it’s just something cool to follow. So I don’t know, I wouldn’t necessarily invest in an escort just because they sold it, but I think it’s a place to look for.

Toby Bardelon: Yeah, that’s cool. A couple of years ago there was a lot of excitement around augmented reality suits. We had the Oculus Rift, which is more like a VR headset that can be used for virtual reality. We still had full activities for the participants.

We had an event in San Francisco where we had the Oculus Rift that people could play with. I want to say that it was in 2012, maybe the 13th. I don’t remember exactly when, but it was one of the previous events we did. That was right when Oculus was just there.

It was cool and then you saw it Microsoft get out of HoloLens augmented reality. I think it’s more of what you see here, the augmented reality aspect, where you can just overlay things, cool apps, really cool apps for that, interesting to see a lot of them.

I just reviewed a few links that you had there, a lot of them at CES. Looks like maybe we’re getting interesting work here, try to make them fit, hopefully cheaper.

Do you also remember that Google as it was called? Google Glass is a similar device.

Rachel Warren: Something like that. Yeah.

Toby Bardelon: Maybe we are now firmly in the second generation of this material, regardless of whether it is still enough for the mass market.

Rachel Warren: Well there has also been this rumor for years Apple get into smart glasses. I think people keep hoping, and who knows?

Maybe if this space turns out to be hot enough, they will venture into it. I feel like Apple if anyone can succeed [laughs] I feel that in effective marketing and sales of this type of product Apple could.

Toby Bardelon: Yeah. I think that’s right. We have nothing for them.

Rachel Warren: Only hopes and dreams, but no.

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