Joilson Melo: The Highlight of Electronic Music

Among the many different genres of music, most people believe that electronic music has the most positive effect on their mental and emotional well-being. Due to the characteristic repetitive rhythm, they find it calm and exciting. Electronic music has a calming effect on the human psyche, causes joy and pleasure. If you listen to electronic music, you should understand this when we say that it makes people feel motivated.

Electronic music has a wide range of exciting music styles. People who listen to electronic music can unequivocally claim that it is the best soothing therapy after a busy day.

If you are a fan of electronic music or just trying to find out if it works for you, then you should not look any further. For people looking for a high voltage electronic music an album they can listen to after a busy day, Joylson Mel’s music is one of the best in the world of electronic music.

Joylson Mela has been fond of music since childhood. Ever since his school years he has been trying to improve the lyrics of his vocals. His main goal is to surpass himself and achieve the best. He tries not only to improve his voice, but also to write music.

Joylson Malo strongly believes that all your work needs to be done on your own, from songwriting to recording and producing. Surprisingly, he not only does everything himself, but also does all the work without leaving home. He has built a home studio where he is working on improving his skills and recording a song. According to him, working with a home studio gives him peace of mind and the opportunity to do everything he wants without the intervention of third parties. He advises other young artists to set up their own home studio to produce their songs.

Ever since school, he has been inspired by icons of electronic music such as David Ghetto. According to Joylson, he felt that the only electronic music was the means in which he could best express himself. Thanks to the constant struggle in the genre, he is now known for combining electronic style music with catchy beats and other aspects of rock music.

Joilson Melo releases his first album ‘The Mystery of Genesis‘s from his home studio. He was both a composer and a performer of the album’s hit. Thanks to the hard work he poured into his album, the number of Genesis Mystery listeners and Joylson Mill fans is increasing day by day.

According to Joylson, the biggest struggle in the music industry is to gain recognition. With so many new singers appearing daily, standing out in the art world can be quite challenging. But if you are constantly struggling to take your place with good music and the desire to gain recognition, then soon you will find your audience.

Joylson was very scared of the release of his first album “Genesis Mystery”. However, to his delight, the album received tremendous love and appreciation from electronic music fans around the world. The release of his first album played an important role in the successful career of Joylson Mel and made him one of the brightest budding singers of the hip-hop genre.

Genesis Mystery was released during the global Covid-19 crisis, even then the release was successful, and Joylson Mela is doing great. If you are interested in listening to the album, you can do so, as it is available on various streaming platforms such as Youtube, SpotifyDeezer, etc. Because Joylson Mela is most interested in electronic music, most of his songs have their own meaning as well as hip hop and rock.

Joylson Mel’s Genesis Mystery tracks have the following titles:

  • Mystery, Power and Drive Rock
  • Mystery, summer
  • The beginning of the dance party
  • Mystery, Pop Adventure Sentimental
  • Traps of Genesis
  • Riddles for traps
  • Mysteries, War Game
  • Traps for infinity
  • Genesis of Aggression
  • Mysteries, Cinematic
  • Riddles, Hard Tech
  • The Mystery, the Inspirational Story of Rock
  • Riddle, grinder

The audience wanted even more of Joylson Mel’s songs when they fell in love with 13 beautiful tunes from his debut album. Fortunately, they won’t have to wait long, as Joylson Mela recently confirmed that his latest album “Tropical summer”Will soon be available for listening on all channels.

In addition to Joylson’s debut album, he also released an EP with 3 released songs and 9 more singles. All of Joylson’s work can be streamed on all major music streaming platforms such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, etc. His single “Uplifting Dramatic Choir” scored 1 million in 10 days. Almost all of Joylson’s songs, especially his singles, have a record-breaking look.

Talking about his experience in this field, he shared his wisdom and what he learned while working in this field full of people trying to defeat you. He said “The strength of will, everyone is great in some field, but you need to improve, I see that every day I learn more and I stand out in the field of music.”

Joylson Mel’s goal is to become a famous voice in the world of electronic, rock and hip-hop music. He wants to be successful so that everyone who loves electronic music and is fond of hip-hop, knows Joylson’s songs by heart.

Joylson Mela is well on his way to achieving his goals, as most of his songs perform quite well. Viewers love his lyrics as well as the music. If you are a fan of rock and hip hop and want to listen to and dance electronic songs throughout the day, then Joilson Melo songs are what you need.

Joylson has a notable presence on social media, where he sometimes shares excerpts from his personal and professional life. His pen is Instagram @joilsonmelo. In his Instagram, he occasionally shares teasers of his song tracks. However, if you want to listen to his full tracks, you can listen to YouTube and Spotify. Links to its streaming channels:



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