Ga Dept of Education to Provide Proactive Teacher Recruitment Assistance for Rural Georgia

The Georgian Department of Education is working to assist in teacher recruitment and employment in 31 school districts in rural Georgia. The list of districts is given at the end of this issue.

At its February meeting, the State Board of Education approved a recommendation by public school principal Richard Woods to license a nationally recognized school administration software platform to help rural school districts actively manage human resources. GaDOE allocates $ 289,720 in federal licenses; school districts are not responsible for any expenses.

“Our goal is to provide Georgia’s school districts with the tools they need to recruit and recruit the best candidates to meet their needs,” said Superintendent Woods. “Quality public education requires quality teachers. In our rural areas, there should be tools to recruit and recruit the right candidates for open positions so that all Georgian students receive an excellent education. ”

Recruitment of teachers is a serious problem in rural Georgia. The number of education graduates entering the profession is not equivalent to the number of teacher vacancies in schools. In addition, many rural school districts lack the staff needed to conduct credible state and national recruitment efforts. The software will provide the platform needed to help rural systems actively recruit and hire candidates from the active K-12 pool looking for work.

“We are excited to offer this active recruitment tool to Georgia’s rural districts, and hope it will help in a successful hiring effort as we enter the hiring season,” said Dr. Bronwyn Ragan-Martin, Deputy Head of Rural Education and Innovation.

List of supported school districts

  • Baconant Statutory School
  • Baker School District
  • Calhoun School District
  • Chattahuchi County Schools
  • Clay County Schools
  • Crispus County Schools
  • Decatur County
  • Dooley School System
  • Early district schools
  • Fourlow Charter School
  • Grady County School
  • Lee County School
  • Macon County School System
  • Marion County School District
  • Miller County School
  • Mitchell County Schools
  • Pataula Academy Charter
  • Pelham Schools
  • Quitman School District
  • Randolph County School District
  • Shli County Schools
  • Seminol County Schools
  • Spring Creek Statutory Academy
  • STEM Charter of Southwest Georgia
  • Stewart County School System
  • Sumter County School
  • Talbat County Schools
  • Taylor County Schools
  • Terrell County School
  • Webster School District
  • Worth County Schools


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