Check your electronics, AT&T shutting down their 3G network

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Do you still use a folding phone or maybe have a car of the early 2000s with a navigation system?

Well, you may have to think about upgrading along with a few other electronics. AT&T shuts down its 3G network on February 22.

“Once you do a little research and look at what we’re actually losing, it’s very exciting,” said Megan Tucker, a concerned citizen.

Tucker was surprised to learn that 3G networks would start shutting down to make room for 5G. She said her grandfather still uses a flip phone, like many seniors he relies on.

“I really hope that AT&T and some of these other big technology giants that are considering getting rid of 3G technology, I just hope they think about our fixed income, our children, our community at risk,” Tucker said.

She is worried about the cost and functionality of the transition to a smartphone.

Cost can be a problem for multiple upgrades because cell phones won’t be the only impact. Also affected are navigation systems, emergency systems in vehicles such as OnStar and home security systems.

“We’ve been trying to make contact for the past year and a half by letting them know that this update is underway, and don’t wait for the last minute to update,” said William Mandel, president of Dynamark Security Centers.

Mandela said they began notifying customers in mass letters. Then six months ago they started calling. He said all customers are now working with 4G and 5G security systems.

“It’s important that people think about it,” he said. – Don’t let that blind you at the very end. Nobody wants to be in that position when they need an alarm system, and someday the alarm goes off and then no one calls. ”

Tucker said she was surprised to learn of the 3G loss. She said she understands that technology is constantly evolving, but feels she may be left in the dust.

Interestingly, when I called AT&T to say that I might get another phone, they actually also talked about releasing 4G, ”she said.

“It’s all about modernizing technology,” Mandel said. “You know, 5G has already appeared. We went through that a few years ago with 2G. 2G closed, and everything switched to 3G.”

Tucker’s biggest concern was getting help for the financially unstable who suffered most from the loss of their 3G technology.

AT&T has said it will provide free phones to replace some people with folding phones.

To find out if you are eligible, you can visit the AT&T website here.

To get a new phone, AT&T offers to visit your local AT&T office or call support.

Mandela said other providers will follow suit this year and close their 3G networks.

T-Mobile will finish them on July 1, and Verizon will close them on New Year’s Eve.

If you upgrade your alarm system or buy a new one, Corpus Christi will require you to register with the police, otherwise they may not respond.

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